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    Terence Cole  — Missouri, USA — Rocket French

    I would, and have, recommended Rocket French to other students because of its course materials and its convenience.

    Jenni Kim  — NC, USA — Rocket Korean

    I absolutely love this program! My sister and I know Korean so we go around test programs and I have got to tell you, this one is worth the money, time and effort. It's the best one we've seen...

    Kevin Lee  — United States — Rocket Chinese

    Much better than Rosetta Stone.. I just came back from Asia and from what I learned from Rocket. it helped a lot. Plus, the price and ease of usage...unbelievable. If you put in the time and effort

    Shadmaan Barday  — United States — Rocket Arabic

    The lessons are good, they do help learn "Egyptian" Arabic. I suppose if the title were Rocket Egyptian Arabic, I would have been more satisfied, I was looking towards learning Standard Arabic...

    April E. Clay  — United States — Rocket French

    My favorite feature is the cultural lesson. I wanted to study French because I fell in love with the culture as a little girl, so it's great to learn more about it. I also really love the games.

    Kenneth Jackson  — Austin, TX, USA — Rocket Spanish

    This is a user friendly program that really works. Customer service is the best I've found in any online endeavor. Thanks Rocket Spanish! I recommend this program to anyone...