When I think of Argentina one of the first things that comes to mind is the fantastic food I’ve enjoyed in this beautiful country. If I’m completely honest, I’m talking BEEF! Argentinean steaks are seriously delicious, and by far the best I’ve ever had in my life.

But there are so many other wonderful things I remember about Argentina: the beautiful cities, people bargaining into the small hours, the brilliant nightlife, and, of course, the warm and friendly people.

Argentina has an extensive European influence, which means that for many tourists, they feel they can blend in without standing out so much!

In case you didn’t know, Spanish-speaking Argentina is the second largest country in South America, with a population of nearly forty million people. About one third of its population lives in the capital, Buenos Aires – one of the largest cities in the world.

If you ask me where my favorite places to visit in Argentina are I’d have to say Iguazú Falls, Mar del Plata, and no surprise, Buenos Aires.

The spectacular Iguazú waterfalls are a “must see” if you get a chance to travel to Argentina. The waterfalls are surrounded by a 55,000 hectare (135,907 acres) nature reserve and forest, and most tourists can’t resist playing “photographer”, it’s just so beautiful.

I also love going to Mar del Plata, situated about 400 kilometers from Buenos Aires. I love the sea, and Mar del Plata is a great place to catch the sun and the waves. There are a number of other attractions including nightclubs, a great variety of restaurants, private resorts, and much, much more. I always take the chance to do a bit of shopping.

From here I always end up in Buenos Aires. What a city!

So long as you don’t mind rubbing shoulders with millions of people, it’s an incredible place to visit. Shop till you drop, eat until you can eat no more, dance until sunrise, and enjoy the party that is Buenos Aires.

Happy travels!

Mauricio Evlampieff
Rocket Spanish