Want to know the most common request I get from readers? Help me with my Spanish pronunciation! Well, sometimes when Spanish is spoken by a native English speaker it can sound a little harsh to a native Spanish speaker. In some ways Spanish is a much smoother, softer language.
If you want to sound more like the locals, here are 3 tips to improve your Spanish pronunciation…

  1. Try to soften your lips when you speak; make your “p” sound just a little bit closer to a “b” sound.
  2. Try not to tap your teeth together so hard, and make your “t” a little bit like a “d”, for example, and you will sound more natural to Spanish speakers.
  3. For most Spanish speakers, “v” sounds the same as “b”. Listen to these differences when you are listening to native Spanish speakers.

I know it can be a bit tricky – especially when you don’t have any native Spanish speakers around to correct you if you get something wrong – but don’t let this stop you speaking Spanish! How about a bonus tip to help you relax and loosen up your linguistic abilities!

Mauricio’s Recipe for Sangria

1 bottle red wine
1 lemon
1 orange
2 TBSP sugar
1 shot of brandy
2 cups of ginger ale or club soda

Slice and squeeze fruit into the wine. Add sugar, brandy and soda. Mix all ingredients together, chill overnight, or pour over ice cubes. Mmmm.

If you would like me to step you through the Spanish alphabet and some basic Spanish words and phrases to get you started, come sign up for my free 6 Day Rocket Spanish course, where you can listen and practice with my interactive audio lessons: Free Spanish Course

Happy Spanish speaking!