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This Week’s Language Quiz: French travel & Spanish grammar

Posted in French | French Quizzes | Spanish | Spanish Quizzes - September 5, 2011

French Quiz:

If you were in lost in the middle of Paris would your French skills be good enough to ask how to get to your hotel or to the nearest Metro station? Now is your chance to find out! This week’s French quiz is on essential French travel phrases. If you’d like a quick refresh of this topic visit our free where in French lesson.

Spanish Quiz:

This week’s Spanish quiz is about the Spanish past progressive tense. In a nutshell, the past progressive tense comes into play when you talk about what you were doing in the past (e.g. I was sleeping). Click on the Spanish quiz image below to test your Spanish past progressive skills. If you’d like a quick refresh of this topic visit our free Spanish past progressive lesson.

So, click on one of the images below to start your weekly quiz, and don’t forget to share your score on Facebook and Twitter, so that everyone knows how well you’ve done.

Good luck!

French Weekly Quiz Spanish Weekly Quiz


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