We’ve got some pretty challenging quizzes for you this week! Read on to find out just how good you are. Good luck!

Spanish Quiz

After last week’s Spanish quiz a few people have been asking for another one on asking questions, specifically when to use “what” questions. So here it is! If you’d like to brush up on some “what” question rules check out our free lesson.

French Quiz

Since you all did so well on last week’s “how to ask questions” quiz we decided that we would up the ante this week and do a quiz about the correct use of when and where in questions. If you’d like a quick refresh on the differences between “what” and “where” questions check out our free lesson.

So, click on one of the images below to start your weekly quiz, and don’t forget to share your score on Facebook and Twitter, so that everyone knows how well you’ve done.

Good luck!

French Weekly Quiz Spanish Weekly Quiz