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Rocket Languages started up in 2004 with online language courses for French and Spanish. Today there are 25 courses covering 12 different languages. The Rocket Express Learning System ensures the best results no matter what your learning style.
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And the winner is…

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Hola, Salut, and Nihao Language Lovers.

First of all I want to give a big thank-you to all of you who took the time to respond to our recent survey.

As you know we’re always really interested in finding out about what motivates you all to get involved in learning a new language. This helps us at Rocket Languages to deliver just what you want, and just what you need, to make language learning even better.

We’ll take your feedback and use it to refine what we do. Because we’re always working hard to give our members the best language learning resources available.

Now, you’ll remember that we were offering 10 lucky respondants the chance to choose a Rocket Languages course of their very own to kick-start their language learning. Well, the results are in, the draw’s been drawn, and the winners have been notified…

So congratulations to Boris, Nial, Adrian, Bonnie, Gillian, Russell, Kutub, Lynette, Jocelyn, and Vikesh. These lucky winners get to select any Rocket Premium, Premium Plus, or Platinum course with our compliments.

And again, a big thanks to all of you who took the time to let us know what you think. We couldn’t do what we do without you!

Happy Language Learning…

The Rocket Languages Team.

Hola, Salut, and Konnichiwa,

This time of year thoughts start turning towards Xmas, and just what we’re going to get for our loved ones. There’s socks… and handkerchiefs…  and ummm… And there’s the problem. Just what can you get that avoids all the clichés, shows some thought, and is actually useful?

Well, How about giving the gift of language this Xmas?

With a gift voucher from Rocket Languages you can give your nearest and dearest the opportunity to learn the language they’ve always wanted to learn online. Plus, with our lifetime membership and free automatic updates, you can be sure that that special someone will always be learning with the best, most up to date system going. (more…)

Hola, Salut, and Ciao…

I just wanted to let you know that the Brand New 2013 edition of all the Rocket Languages courses is now Live Live Live!

As you can probably tell, we’re all very excited about the great new things we have to offer our learners.

We like to think that one of the things that really sets us apart from the crowd is the research and development that goes into our courses. We started, way back in 2004, by finding out what actually works for second language acquisition, then we kept on improving until today we can offer you the latest greatest Rocket Languages courses yet.

Now I don’t want to waffle on too much about all the new features we have to offer, you know that we always come up with great stuff. Just let me say that all that all the upgrades we’ve developed for 2013 are as a direct result of feedback from you, the learner!

So, I think the best bet is for you to get in there and have a look for yourself.

If you’re already a member, log in today and see what all the fuss is about. All existing members get all the upgraded features automatically… no extra costs for our loyal members!

If you haven’t become a full member yet, check out your Free Trial.

If you haven’t signed up for a trial… do it now! Because there’s a whole lot of great new stuff just waiting for you…

Stuff like:

  • The All New Personalized Dashboard, so you always know what you’ve done, how well you’re going, and where you’re headed next.
  • My Badges, the Brand New points system that lets you accumulate points and awards you badges as your ability improves. See the My Badges link in the left menu!
  • The New My Level rating systems! Now you can rate how well you can write, speak, and understand your new favorite language all in one easy place. Check out a lesson to see them in action!
  • The New Improved Member Profiles. Add an avatar, change your password, and check out your interactions, all in one convenient place. Just click the link at the top of the page!
  • The All New Phrase Finder, the place to go to find out the meanings of a huge number of words and phrases. Check out My Toolbox to find out more!
  • Rocket News, the New notification system that fills you in on all the latest news and reminds you of upcoming learning milestones. Keep an eye on the Rocket News link in the left menu!

And much much more!

So what are you waiting for? Check it out today!

Happy Language Learning,
The Rocket Languages Team

This week’s Spanish quiz

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This week’s Spanish quiz will test how well you know your Spanish reflexive verbs. There are some tricky questions in this one, so good luck!

If you would like some help before you start, check out the following free audio lesson: Spanish reflexive verbs – audio lesson

Spanish Weekly Quiz

2013 Edition Coming Soon

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Hola, Salut, and Ciao…

Welcome back to the Rocket Languages blog.

One of the things we pride ourselves on here at Rocket Languages HQ is that we’re always working hard at finding ways to make things better for our learners. In fact, most of the changes we make are as a result of suggestions from our members!

Very soon, on November 27th to be exact, we’re launching a raft of improvements and updates to your learning experience. We’re calling it the 2013 Edition, and it’s something special!

Don’t worry, the Interactive Audio Lessons, the Language Lessons, and the Culture lesson are staying. After-all they’re the scientifically proven heart and soul of our courses.

What will change is a bunch of stuff around how you engage with the content, and greater focus on measuring your progress.

So what do we have up our sleeve for you… (more…)

This week’s French quiz

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Want to know if you could find your way around a French hotel? Well now’s your chance to find out… This week’s French Quiz will really test your hotel vocabulary.

French Weekly Quiz

This week’s Spanish quiz

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One of the key things you’re going to want to do in any Spanish speaking country is to be able ask for the things you want. Whether it’s food, directions, or information, knowing the right way to ask will get you a long way.

Check out how good your asking skills are with this week’s Rocket Spanish Quiz… Good Luck!

Spanish Weekly Quiz

Rocket French made my trip PARFAIT!

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So, you know the old saying, ‘The proof is in the pudding’? Well here’s some pretty sweet proof of all we’ve been saying about Rocket French.

Just have a look at what Max has to say about how much Rocket French helped him on his trip to France…


This week’s French quiz

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How much do you know about booking Hotels in France? Well now’s your chance to find out… This week’s Rocket French Quiz will really test your travel knowledge.

Good luck!

French Weekly Quiz

This week’s Spanish quiz

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Hola, if you thought the last one was too easy, check out this week’s Rocket Spanish Quiz. Time to put your thinking cap on… Good Luck!

So, click on the image below to start your weekly quiz, and don’t forget to share your score on Facebook and Twitter, so that everyone knows how well you’ve done.

Spanish Weekly Quiz