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In our growing global marketplace, cross-cultural communication is becoming essential for a number of leading edge organizations.

Whether you’re breaking into a new market, relocating staff overseas, or engaging off-shore contractors; having staff with an understanding of the language and the culture will make a huge difference to your business.

When you’re weighing up the benefits of staff training, it can sometimes seem that you’re up-skilling one staff member at a time with knowledge that would be beneficial to larger groups. If this sounds like your business, and you’d rather your whole team benefited from the chance to grow their language skills, then a Rocket Languages Multi User Solution is just what you’re looking for.

Rocket Languages can provide your organization with all the tools to up-skill your staff with online language courses that are:

  • Practical
  • Flexible
  • Measurable
  • Relevant

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The Rocket Languages Difference

A recognized leader in online language learning since 2004, Rocket Languages’ Rocket Express Learning System emphasizes conversational learning. That means your employees can begin speaking in their new language with confidence right from the first lesson.

The Rocket Express Learning System is centered on practical language learning and includes relevant topics, like travel and business, to make sure your employees have the right communication skills to represent your company the way you want them to.

Then there are Rocket Languages’ Culture lessons, to provide an understanding of essential customs and traditions, and help your staff to avoid any embarrassing cultural faux pas!

By combining three scientifically proven theories of learning, and taking advantage of advances in e-learning and technology, the team at Rocket Languages designed the Rocket Express Learning System to be an effective way for you to speak and understand the language you've always loved, and retain it forever.

It begins with George A. Miller's idea of 'chunking', breaking down big difficult content into small easy parts.

Then there's Dr. Stephen Krashen's theory that the best way to learn a language is in a low pressure environment with supportive native speakers who are prepared to give honest accurate feedback.

Finally, Neil Fleming found that there are four main ways that people learn:

  • Visually - they see it
  • Aurally - they hear it
  • Reading/Writing
  • Kinesthetically - they do it

When you combine these three complimentary theories with a team that is at the cutting edge of e-learning technology, you get a system that is guaranteed to have you speaking and understanding your new favorite language in no time at all.

Your employees will benefit from:

  • Practical topics
  • Relevant cultural content
  • Real-world examples
  • Pronunciation practice tools and games
  • Progress tracking & self-assessment tools
  • Motivational content
  • Language learning support via the Community

The key to Rocket Languages’ international success is the innovation, commitment, and responsiveness that a small dedicated team of talented professionals brings to the competitive world of online language learning.

To date Rocket Languages have developed 14 languages into a range of courses, from beginner to advanced, with over 1,000,000 users worldwide and counting...

At Rocket Languages we are continually developing and refining our courses to meet our user’s needs, and to keep abreast of technological and e-learning advances. Every time we make an improvement our members get it for free, that’s our commitment to state-of-the-art online language learning.

Great Value for Money

The Rocket Languages Multi User Solution provides training to assist you in up-skilling your whole team, and will significantly increase the value of your training dollar.

Not only is the per person price significantly lower than our standard retail rate, your business will also benefit from:

  • The Rocket Languages Multi User Administration system, so nominated administrators can track and manage users learning.
  • Free technical support for the administrator via email or phone.
  • Free language learning support for users via email or the Rocket language Community Forum.

Get Language Learning Anywhere, Anytime!

Now all Rocket Languages members on your team can have their learning in their pocket wherever they go, with the Rocket Languages app for Android and iOS.

With virtually all the functionality of the full site, the Rocket Languages app will let you listen to the audio lessons, learn the vocab, take some tests, earn some points and badges, and really get your language learning going when you just have to be away from your computer.

And everything you do using the app is happening in your staff’s actual member’s area, it’s seamless.

Just download the FREE app and your team members can keep on learning wherever they are.

The Rocket Languages Multi User Administration System

Rocket Languages will provide your administrator with user-friendly, streamlined, administrative tools to help optimize the success of your language learning program:

  • Setting up users is as easy as entering the required emails, adding a quick note to welcome them to the program and pressing send! We do the rest of the work including issuing logins and automating access.
  • Your Multi User dashboard statistics clearly show how many courses have been issued, to whom, and who hasn’t yet redeemed their course.
  • Track progress at a program, group, or individual level, including quiz scores, lesson progress and proficiency.
  • Set roles and permissions to enable sub-groups within programs.

Plus, customized dashboard solutions are also available. If you require specialist reporting - just ask us how...

Contact the Rocket Languages Team to get started...

Languages and levels

Here’s what Rocket Languages can offer you:

  • Rocket Spanish
    • Premium - Level 1, Beginners
    • Premium Plus – Level 2, Intermediate
    • Platinum – Level 3, Advanced
  • Rocket French
    • Premium - Level 1, Beginners
    • Premium Plus – Level 2, Intermediate
    • Platinum – Level 3, Advanced
  • Rocket German
    • Premium - Level 1, Beginners
    • Premium Plus – Level 2, Intermediate
    • Platinum – Level 3, Advanced
  • Rocket Italian
    • Premium - Level 1, Beginners
    • Premium Plus – Level 2, Intermediate
    • Platinum – Level 3, Advanced
  • Rocket Japanese
    • Premium - Level 1, Beginners
    • Premium Plus – Level 2, Intermediate
    • Platinum – Level 3, Advanced
  • Rocket Chinese
    • Premium - Level 1, Beginners
    • Premium Plus – Level 2, Intermediate
  • Rocket Korean
    • Premium - Level 1, Beginners
  • Rocket Portuguese
    • Premium - Level 1, Beginners
  • Rocket Arabic
    • Premium - Level 1, Beginners
  • Rocket Hindi
    • Premium - Level 1, Beginners
  • Rocket Eigo (English for Japanese speakers)
    • Premium - Level 1, Beginners
  • Rocket Ingles (English for Latin American speakers)
    • Premium - Level 1, Beginners
  • Rocket ESL (English for speakers of other languages)
    • Premium - Level 1, Beginners
  • Rocket American Sign Language
    • Premium - Level 1, Beginners

That’s 14 different languages and 25 distinct level specific courses!

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Tina Serafini  — Hackettstown, New Jersey, United States — Rocket French

I am having trouble getting the accent right. This is impeding my progress. I need to re-watch, read and listen many times and still my accent is terrible. This is a lot more work than I expected...

Stephanie Sloan  — Cornwall on Hudson/NY, USA — Rocket German and Rocket Spanish

...I also researched to find that Rocket Languages come highly recommended for numerous reasons and I agree. ...Thank you Rocket Languages!

Debbie Green  — United States — Rocket French

I really do like the program - my only problem is not having enough time to use it consistently. I like that it doesn't focus on JUST the sounds or JUST the words - it does both.

Candy Eng  — United States — Rocket French

...I studied French over 40 years ago and lost my fluency from not using it. This is a fun way to pick it up again and I discovered that I remembered more than I had thought.

Merrie Ehrke  — United States — Rocket Japanese

This program has only gotten better as the years have gone bye. I have loved the updates on the site. It is easy to use, and easier to learn.

Joung Yoon  — Gilbert, USA — Rocket Spanish

I loved it! I am a total beginner of the Spanish language and it gave me an idea about the language and useful tips and tools to practice hearing, reading and writing and speaking.

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