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Here’s why this Award-Winning Language Learning System is the perfect way for your staff to Master a New Language

Best of all – they can do it in just minutes a day


I’m John Alexander, Head of Business Development and Sales here at Rocket Languages.

Helping people from all walks of life to speak a new language has been our business for over a decade, so we’ve developed an in depth knowledge of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to language learning.

We understand how important it is in today’s business environment to have staff who can communicate across cultures, so it’s our mission to help your team master a new language (or languages…) so that your organization is able to communicate effectively to all its markets and the highest level of success in all its endeavors.

Over 1.2 million registered users

Since we started-up, way back in 2004, we’ve helped 1,212,346 (and counting) happy, successful, men and women and counting, from all 196 countries around the world, to discover how one award-winning system can help them learn a language when other systems have failed them.

That’s over 1.2 million ordinary people who can fit in with the locals when they need to, ask and answer the key questions, and be the point of contact to help things run smoothly.

Today, you and your team are invited to join them.

An Award-Winning System

The system we offer to business teams just like yours is exactly the same system used by our successful language learners all over the world. That means your team gets a proven, tested system that works.

This is the very same system that PCMag selected as their Editors Choice for language learning, rating it above all the other well-known systems out there. Here’s what they had to say...

“Rocket Languages is our Editors’ Choice for language-learning.”

And Rocket Languages also took out the prestigious 19th Annual Best Educational Software Award last year...

The Rocket Languages system has even been talked about in publications like:

A Comprehensive System

Rocket Languages offers the most comprehensive language learning package available today.

When it comes to learning resources we’re head and shoulders above the alternatives. Each level of each of our courses averages over 120 hours of repeatable lessons, which means that your staff will have access to a learning tool that they can refer to again and again. And that’s not all.

Unlike other providers, who have one focus, to the exclusion of all others, we don’t just teach the words. We also teach how the language works, how it fits into the culture, and how to use it effectively and respectfully.

That means Rocket Languages users are well-rounded, involved language learners who are aware of communication as a whole process.

Available in the app stores

An Affordable System

Now, you’ll be well aware that value means more than just price.

Sure, a low dollar value is one part of it. But you also need to consider what you get for your money.

Rocket Languages has you covered on both counts. Our pricing model provides for an extremely affordable solution to your staff’s language learning needs, and the quality and quantity of our resources leaves the others in the dust.

That means you’re getting real value for money; a comprehensive product at a great price.

A Customizable System

We understand that not all organizations have the same needs.

Because we are a very customer-served oriented organization, we can quickly adapt most aspects of our courses and administration system to suit the individual needs of your company.

All you have to do is ask…

A System based on science

All our experience has helped us to develop a system, based on science, which actually works. We call it the Rocket Express Learning System®.

The science behind the Rocket Express Learning System® reflects the work of three well-known and highly regarded researchers in the areas of education, cognitive psychology, and language acquisition:

Put simply these three theories combine to say that people learn best when the subject is broken down into small chunks, when they are supported by native speakers giving honest accurate feedback, and when the learning activities are varied to match individual learning styles.

A System that Actually Works

Over the years we’ve talked to thousands of language learners from beginners to hyperglots (people who speak more than 5 languages) about what works for language learning. As a result of this ongoing analysis, we’ve identified 8 key success strategies that have proven to be the most effective when learning any new language:

1. Make the best use of the time you have available... Because even though you may feel busy all the time, there are always times when your body is busy but your mind isn't, that can be used to learn just a little more. Perhaps you could learn on your commute, at the gym, while walking the dog, or while doing the housework; it’s all about learning on the go...

2. Understand exactly how the language works... Because too many language learning systems focus on words at the expense of communication. The only way to communicate effectively is to know how the words fit together to form sentences. If you can't form a simple sentence you're going to find conversation pretty frustrating.

3. Reinforce what you learn so it sticks forever... Because going over something once doesn't mean you'll know it when you need it, whether you learn a language online, from a book, or in a class. Sure you can learn a word or phrase, file it away in your brain somewhere, and hope. But the best way to be sure it's there when you need it is to test and retest until you know you've got it.

4. Practice sounding like a native... Because pronouncing words correctly shows respect for the culture. When you show that you're trying hard to speak the language the way it's supposed to be spoken you're honoring your staff, your community, and your customers, and earning yourself some respect into the bargain.

5. Use the most efficient learning techniques... Because everyone is different, and what works varies from one person to the next, the way it's always been done may not be the best way. With Rocket Languages you can learn in a way that suits your learning style, which means more efficient effective learning. It all comes down to learning smart, not learning hard.

6. Have a strong support network... Because sitting alone in front of your computer can be a barrier to success when you learn online. It helps to have a network of fellow learners that understand what you're going through, who can give you inspiration and support when you need it, and the active support of an administrator to help keep you on track.

7. Stay motivated and have fun while you learn... Because boring repetitive learning activities do not inspire effective learning. It's the same for language learning, varying the activities you undertake helps you to process and retain information. As they say, variety is the spice of life.

8. Use methods based on science... Because the only way to be sure a system's going to work is to know that it has a sound basis in facts. What’s known as the ‘scientific method’ revolves around testing and evidence. When it comes to language learning it’s important to know that the system you've chosen for your business has a proven record of success and is based on scientific facts.

Hola Mauricio. When our company began to do business in Chile, it became necessary for me to get serious about learning Spanish. I'd tried various courses and books in the past without getting very far. I researched all of the computer based teaching programs including all of the well known and more expensive and chose Rocket Spanish specifically because of the interactive conversational part of the course. The online/downloadable version is a great value.

While a co-worker who bought a *competitors* series is still at square one, my Spanish has progressed to the point that I became the translator for our construction team on a recent mission trip to Mexico. On that trip, I became friends with a Venezuelan man and was able (with a little help) to have a 45 minute conversation about our countries, homes and families. All this is before I have tackled the advanced part of the course.

The course is well designed and moves at a fast enough pace to hold the attention of a quick learner but allows as much time and as many repetitions as needed to allow anyone to understand each part. The written materials are a great support and cover the details and "dry" stuff while requiring a minimum of memorization. It still takes work to learn, but Rocket Spanish is far more interesting and user friendly than any other approach I've seen.

Especially helpful is the combination of South American pronunciation by Mauricio and English explanation by Amy. They do a great job of helping you understand the details of the conversation without getting unnecessarily bogged down in the grammar. The humor they add to the conversations really helps to keep the interest level high and the stress level low. The result is a lot more natural, like the way I learned English before the teachers got a hold of me.

Steve L. Bemis - Texas, USA

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What you get with Rocket Languages

Rocket Languages ticks all the boxes when it comes to history, science, and price. But there’s really only one important question to consider when selecting a language learning course for your business:

"Will this work for me and my staff?"

With Rocket Languages the answer is YES. Our courses are based on science and designed to use the most effective practical learning strategies to ensure language learning success.

Here’s how we get you learning effectively:

  • Interactive Audio Lessons Learn key words and phrases in the context of real conversations, so that you know what to say at the right time.

  • Language Lessons Learn how the language actually works, so that you can start adapting your language to suit different settings and people.

  • Culture Lessons Learn a little about the culture, so that you can understand where people are from and what makes them tick.

  • Rocket Record Get your pronunciation perfect; because good pronunciation makes you feel more confident, and earns you respect.

  • Testing Make sure you know when you’re ready to move on, and when you still have a little more work to do.

  • Badges Get motivated and stay motivated by working to earn the next badge. The badges system helps you to stay on track and achieve language success.

  • Games Make learning fun and increase your word knowledge, so that you’ll keep learning longer and reach your goal sooner.

  • Apps Take your learning wherever you go, so that you can take advantage of any downtime to add value to your language learning.

  • 24/7 Online Access Any time, day or night, you can log in to your members area and keep your learning moving. That’s learning to suit individual timetables.

And that’s not all.

Every Rocket Languages course is designed to cater for anyone, no matter how they learn best, no matter how much experience they’ve had, no matter how many times they’ve failed before.

The Rocket Languages Administration system

Rocket Languages isn’t only great for the learners. The Rocket Languages Multi-User Administration System makes life easier for teachers, administrators, and training managers too:

  • Setting up users is easy. Just enter the users’ email and press send. We do the rest, including issuing logins and automating access.

  • The admin system dashboard allows you to assign users and track progress and usage easily.

  • The administrator can track progress at a program, group, or individual level.

  • Administrators get free technical support

I have sampled several other French language programs over the last few years, and Rocket French most truly "rocks" in comparison. As an educator, I highly value the practical approach, the diversity of ways to practice and be reinforced through several learning modalities, the opportunities to actually speak with others and get feedback, the immediate response to written queries from various departments... It is all very motivating, and my beginning French has already improved dramatically in less than a week. What a powerful program! Il est magnifique!

Allison Ewoldt - Tucson, Arizona, USA

1787 More Reviews


Languages and Courses

With 12 languages including American Sign Language, and 24 courses across the languages, we’ve got the perfect resources for your business:

  • Rocket Spanish
    • Premium – Level 1, Beginners
    • Premium Plus – Level 2, Intermediate
    • Platinum – Level 3, Advanced
  • Rocket French
    • Premium – Level 1, Beginners
    • Premium Plus – Level 2, Intermediate
    • Platinum – Level 3, Advanced
  • Rocket German
    • Premium – Level 1, Beginners
    • Premium Plus – Level 2, Intermediate
    • Platinum – Level 3, Advanced
  • Rocket Italian
    • Premium – Level 1, Beginners
    • Premium Plus – Level 2, Intermediate
    • Platinum – Level 3, Advanced
  • Rocket Japanese
    • Premium – Level 1, Beginners
    • Premium Plus – Level 2, Intermediate
    • Platinum – Level 3, Advanced
  • Rocket Chinese
    • Premium – Level 1, Beginners
    • Premium Plus – Level 2, Intermediate
  • Rocket Korean
    • Premium – Level 1, Beginners
  • Rocket Portuguese
    • Premium – Level 1, Beginners
  • Rocket Arabic
    • Premium – Level 1, Beginners
  • Rocket Hindi
    • Premium – Level 1, Beginners
  • Rocket Eigo (English for Japanese speakers)
    • Premium – Level 1, Beginners
  • Rocket Ingles (English for Latin American speakers)
    • Premium - Level 1, Beginners
  • Rocket ESL (English for speakers of other languages)
    • Premium – Level 1, Beginners
  • Rocket American Sign Language
    • Premium – Level 1, Beginners

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