Sports in French

If you want to talk about sports in French, this free lesson with audio is for you! Listen carefully to the French pronunciation and practice saying the French words and phrases aloud.
Perhaps you want to play sport in France or join a conversation with French-speaking people. Either way, learning these sports words in French will get you started!
  • French vollyball players

Talking about Sports in French

Faire un sport
To do a sport
Jouer à quelque chose
To play something
Faire du vélo
To cycle
Jouer au volley
To play volleyball
Nous allons jouer au foot
We are going to play football (soccer)
Va faire du vélo, il fait beau !
Go do some cycling, it’s a fine day!
Quand vas-tu faire de la natation ?
When are you going to swim?
C’est où le match ?
Where is the game?
Jouez-vous au tennis ?
Do you play tennis?

Imagine you are watching a game somewhere in France. This is what you might hear people around you saying about a soccer match!

  • French soccer player
Fais une passe !
Pass the ball!
C’est nul !
Bad move!
Immanquable !
Can’t believe you missed that!

À bientôt!
Marie-Claire Rivière and the Rocket French Team


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