Health in Hindi

You never know when you might need to talk about health in Hindi. Maybe you’re travelling in India and need to visit a drugstore. Perhaps you’re traveling elsewhere with a Hindi-speaking family member who needs a doctor. Either way, we hope you never need to use them, but check out this free audio lesson – it doesn’t hurt to be prepared!

Do you know the Hindi words for different parts of the body? What’s the Hindi word for “pain”? How do you tell someone to call an ambulance, or explain that your head hurts? After this lesson you’ll be able to describe your symptoms in Hindi, and know what to say in an emergency if necessary. Let’s get started…

Pronunciation help for talking about health in Hindi

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मुझे दर्द हो रहा है ।
mujhe dhardh ho rahaa hai
I’m in pain.
मुझे सर दर्द है ।
mujhe sar dhardh hai
I have a headache.
मेरे पेट में दर्द है ।
mere pet mem dhardh hai
I have a stomachache
मेरे गले में दर्दा है ।
mere gale mem dhardh hai
I have a sore throat.
मेरे कान में दर्द है ।
mere kaan mem dhardh hai
I have sore ears.
मेरे दान्त में दर्द है ।
mere daanth mem dhardh hai
I have a tooth ache.
मै बीमार हूँ ।
mai beemaar hoom.
I’m sick.
  • Headache vocabulary in Hindi

The following phrases are useful when describing where it hurts…

मेरा हाथ दुखता है ।
meraa hath dhukhthaa hai
My arm hurts.
मेरा कन्धा दुख्ता है ।
meraa kandhaa dhukhthaa hai.
My shoulder hurts.
मेरी आँख दुख्ती है ।
meree aankh dhukhthee hai
My eye hurts.
मेरे पैर की उंगली दुख्ती है ।
mere pair kee ungalee dhukhthee hai
My toe hurts.
मेरी उंगली दुख्ती है ।
mere ungalee dhukhthee hai
My finger hurts.
मेरे पैर दुख्ते हैं ।
mere pair dhukhthe hai
My foot hurts.
मेरे मसूडे में दर्द है ।
mere masoode mem dhardh hai
My gum hurts.
मेरा चूतड दुख्ता है ।
meraa choothad dhukhthaa hai
My bottom hurts.
मेरे घुटने दुख्ते हैं ।
mere ghutane dhukhthe hai
My knee hurts.
मेरा सिर दुखता है ।
mera sir dhukhthaa hai
My head hurts.
मेरी टांग दुखती है ।
meree taang dhukhthee hai
My leg hurts.
मेरी पीठ दुख्ती है ।
mere peeT dhukhthee hai
My back hurts.

When you go to the doctor he or she will ask you about your symptoms…

किस तरह के लक्षण है?
kis tharah ke lakshan hai?
What kind of symptoms do you have?
आप को दर्द है?
kya aap ko dhardh hai?
Do you have pain?
कहाँ दर्द है?
kahaam dhardh hai?
Where do you have pain?
आप को बुखार है?
kya aap ko bukhaar hai?
Do you have fever?

Maybe you have an idea what’s wrong with you. You could say …

मुझे ज़ुकाम है ।
mujhe zukaam hai
I have a cold.
मुझे फ़्लू है ।
mujhe floo hai
I have the flu.
मुझे सम्क्रमण है ।
mujhe samkraman hai
I have an infection.
मुझे वैरस है ।
mujhe vairas hai
I have a virus.
मुझे एलेर्जी है ।
mujhe elerjee hai
I have an allergy.
मुझे है बुखार है ।
mujhe hai bukhaar hai
I have hay fever.
मुझे मासिक धरम् क दर्द है ।
mujhe maasik dharm ka dhardh hai.
I have period pain.
  • Talking about pills in Hindi

Maybe you cut yourself and all you need is a bandage, you might need some sleeping pills for a long haul flight or cough syrup. Here is what you have to say…

मुझे बेन्डेज चहिए ।
mujhe bendej chahiye.
I need a bandage.
मुझे प्लास्टर चाहिए ।
mujhe plaastar chaahiye
I need a plaster.
मुझे दर्द की गोलियाँ चहिए ।
mujhe dhardh kee goliyaam chahiye
I need some pain killers.
मुझे नींद की गोलियाँ चहिए ।
mujhe neendh kee goliyaam chahiye
I need some sleeping pills.
मुझे खांसी की दवा चहिए ।
mujhe khansee kee dhavaa chahiye.
I need some cough syrup
मुझे गले केलिए कुछ चहिए ।
mujhe gale keliye kuCh chahiye.
I need some throat lozenges.
मुझे नुस्खा चहिए ।
mujhe nuskhaa chahiye
I need a prescription.
मुझे गर्भनिरोधक उपाधी चहिए ।
Mujhe garbhniroDhak upaadhee chaahiye
I need some contraception.

Here are some more general phrases and words…

The pharmacy
The medicine
The Ambulance
एम्बुलेन्स को
embulens ko bulaayiye
Call an ambulance!
The hospital

That’s it for this lesson! I sincerely hope that you never need to use any of this vocabulary, however, it’s best to be prepared. Who knows, you may even be able to help a fellow traveler out in case they fall ill.

फिर मिलेंगे ।
Phir Milengae,

Nikita Sharma
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