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What is the Rocket Express Learning System®?

If you want to learn to express yourself in a new language, and do it at express pace, then the Rocket Express Learning System is just what you need.

By combining scientifically proven theories of learning, and taking advantage of advances in e-learning and technology, the team at Rocket Languages has developed an effective way for you to speak and understand the language you've always loved, and retain it forever.

When you combine these complementary theories with a team that is at the cutting edge of e-learning technology, you get a system that is guaranteed to have you speaking and understanding your new favorite language in no time at all.

Check out some of the key components below or see what people are saying about Rocket Languages.

Interactive Audio

Get your learning going with real conversations in the real world.

Language & Culture

Learn how the language works and how the people work too.

Your Progress & Testing

Know where you're at and where you're headed next.

Language-Master Games

Have fun and learn more with the Word-Master and Phrase-Master Games.

Rocket Record

If you want first-class pronunciation, then you need Rocket Record.

My Community

All the help and support you need 24/7.

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Tina Serafini  — Hackettstown, New Jersey, United States — Rocket French

I am having trouble getting the accent right. This is impeding my progress. I need to re-watch, read and listen many times and still my accent is terrible. This is a lot more work than I expected...

Stephanie Sloan  — Cornwall on Hudson/NY, USA — Rocket German and Rocket Spanish

...I also researched to find that Rocket Languages come highly recommended for numerous reasons and I agree. ...Thank you Rocket Languages!

Debbie Green  — United States — Rocket French

I really do like the program - my only problem is not having enough time to use it consistently. I like that it doesn't focus on JUST the sounds or JUST the words - it does both.

Candy Eng  — United States — Rocket French

...I studied French over 40 years ago and lost my fluency from not using it. This is a fun way to pick it up again and I discovered that I remembered more than I had thought.

Merrie Ehrke  — United States — Rocket Japanese

This program has only gotten better as the years have gone bye. I have loved the updates on the site. It is easy to use, and easier to learn.

Joung Yoon  — Gilbert, USA — Rocket Spanish

I loved it! I am a total beginner of the Spanish language and it gave me an idea about the language and useful tips and tools to practice hearing, reading and writing and speaking.

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Features Rocket
Features Rocket
Audio Lessons tick tick tick tick
Voice Comparison tick tick tick tick
iPod/MP3 Compatible tick tick tick tick
Vocabulary tick tick tick tick
Listening Comprehension tick tick tick tick
Conversation Practice tick tick tick tick
Culture Lessons tick cross cross cross
Games tick cross cross cross
Online Quizzes tick cross cross tick
Progress Tracking tick cross tick cross
Lifetime Access tick tick tick cross
Free Upgrades tick cross cross cross