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    Laurel Adams  — USA — Rocket French

    I have been very impressed with the tutor element--it has helped my pronunciation immensely. I also enjoy the newsletters and the ability to contact someone when I have a question.

    Allie Cromer  — Roanoke, VA, United States — Rocket Hindi

    I am pleasantly surprised at the pace that I'm learning Hindi! Especially, after traveling to India multiple times and never fully understanding the pronunciations of words.

    Jordan Hostetter  — Vereinigten Staaten — Rocket German

    I've tried other German Language software and nothing compares to the ease of use comprehension as Rocket German does. I will tell anyone who wants to learn a language to try Rocket first.

    Joseph Followell  — Columbus, Ohio, USA — Rocket French

    Having just recently started Rocket French, am very satisfied! Myself, I also have used two other programs: Rosetta Stone and the Pimsleur Method. Neither come close to Rocket French...

    Jim Krallman  — Erlanger, KY, USA — Rocket French

    Rocket languages makes learning a new language fun. It is so simple to use on multiple platforms, from a PC to an iphone. It really is easy.

    Susan Sams  — Centreville MD, USA — Rocket Spanish

    I work with Spanish speakers at work and I was originally nervous about what the online tool would provide, after a few days I upgraded to CD's but this program makes learning Spanish fun and easy...