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    William Stark  — New Jersey, United States — Rocket German

    I studied Rocket German for 6 months prior to my first vacation in Deutschland and was very happy I did. confidence grew and soon I was looking forward to interacting with as many native...

    Kelly Scali  — Chicago, USA — Rocket German

    ...After just two weeks all I can say is its Awesome! I honestly cannot believe I lost my fear of speaking 100%!...

    Margaret Garland  — Florida, USA — Rocket Japanese

    ...after 26 years of teaching English as a second language, I knew what I was looking for when I started searching for a Japanese language course - and Rocket Japanese is it!

    Stella Shade  — Gulf Shores/Alabama, USA — Rocket French

    Je suis une étudiante sérieuse et je uis toujours à la recherche d'un partenaire linguistique. J'ai 57 ans. J'ai fait un séjour de 2 mois en France en 2011 dans la ville de Dijon...

    Ronald Downey  — USA — Rocket Spanish

    I am getting re-started on my rocket Spanish journey for 2015! In order to help, I've made it my new homepage. With the interactive lessons, I'm not just reading Spanish, I'm finally speaking it!

    Bob Gracey  — Wheeling/WV, USA — Rocket Italian

    We're preparing for a trip to Italy and hope this paves the way. Though the first part of the trip will be with a tour group of mostly English speakers, the second half will be "on our own,"...