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    Kris Hancock  — Wisconsin, USA — Rocket Spanish

    I transferred all the lesson files to my MP3 player, plugged an adapter into my car radio and listened everyday on my way to and from school –I was hooked.

    Eula Jones  — DeSoto, United States — Rocket Sign Language

    The Videos and Games are fantastic tools for learning... ..."It's Not Complicated" :} Finally!!! I discovered a tool that has all the Bells and Whistles to make learning fun. Thank You!, Rocket

    Eric McClain  — Roosevelt, New York, USA — Rocket Arabic

    In the short time I've been using it I have been enormously impressed. Rocket Arabic is an excellent, five star language study program for the traveler looking to be more than the average tourist.

    Joyce Wycoff  — Oakhurst, CA — Rocket Spanish

    Too many people fail in their language efforts (I know ... I did for 25 years!). Rocket Spanish can help everyone reach their goals, whether they just want to have a few phrases to make travel...

    Joey Reyes  — Pearland, TX, USA — Rocket Spanish

    I am 9 years old and I LOVE Rocket Spanish!!! It is so cool to listen to my voice on the Rocket record. (My voice sounds SO funny!!) :) Can't wait too beat my sister at getting the most points. :)

    Nick Saunders  — UK — Rocket Hindi's great to be able to access all content through different apps so I can do lessons on my phone without downloading them first.