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    Davide Migliaccio  — United States — Rocket Spanish

    It's fun. It's very easy to use, and teaches you helpful phrases and usage right off the bat. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn a language. I've got both the Italian and the Spanish...

    Maria Lindell  — New York, USA — Rocket French

    I love Rocket French from the first day! It is the only software available that has all the features I look for in a language learning software.

    Margaret Coleman  — USA — Rocket French

    I enjoy working at my own pace. The flexibility of the program is very good. My favorite part is being able to listen and then repeat as many times as I want.

    Ana Glenn  — USA — Rocket Sign Language

    I am learning ASL on Rocket Languages! I love the lessons and the videos that allow me to see how to make the signs. I have learned how to express emotion along with signs and how to use classifiers

    jaime juda  — United States — Rocket Spanish

    I have tried many language programs out there and this is by far the best! It is easy to navigate and it teaches you useful parts of conversation... ...I want my children to start using it too.

    Serena Delgado  — CONROE, texaas — Rocket Japanese already starting to learn new things that would have prbably taken forever for me to learn. Although im still getting the hang of it I cant wait to know what other things I can do.