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Olga Ovtsyn

Olga Ovtsyn

Rocket French Sittsville


Hello, never was thinking that learning French would be so easy with this program. Its so much fun! Thanks so much for such a wonderful structure of the material and possibility to combine understanding, writing and speaking in one. So much enjoy it!

Sakshi Kulkarni

Sakshi Kulkarni

Rocket Spanish Delhi , India


Hi the experience is really great .i am learning Spanish And rocket Spanish has really been very helpful in teaching me the basics of the language.I am only finding it difficult to form words on my own like in english we say cat but in Spanish it is called gato so how can i understand these things..but still so far the experience has been great.First I thought that learning a foreign language would be difficult but now I can understand the few basic words and phrases of Spanish ..rocket language has been really helpful in the past days

somsay chansamone

somsay chansamone

Rocket Spanish brantford ontario , Canada


I really enjoy learning my Spanish from the Rocket Language.They allow you to take times to learn whenever you are are available.The teachers are really skillful in both languages translating back and forth.Also you can increase the sound of the conversations and repeat the pronunciations properly.No one bothers you when you want to concentrate on your lessons.I would recommend others people to try this course of course.

Juliet Berwald

Juliet Berwald

Rocket Chinese Aalsmeer , Netherlands


So far I have thoroughly enjoyed rocket chinese.
It has shown me that learning an entirely new language from scratch is possible in a very fun way, all you need is some dedication and practice. I already feel comfortable with my pronunciation due to the recording function rocket chinese has. Can't wait to see how much my chinese will improve in the next few months.

Cesar  Moran

Cesar Moran

Rocket French Kingsville/TX


So far it has been greatly useful for my start-up in this language. I plan to continue with the Platinum after finishing the Premium Plus. In my field, French is very important since the best technologies were devised there. Marie-Claire and Paul are excellent instructors so far, i hope they continue to be throughout.

Sophie  W

Sophie W

Rocket Korean


I enjoy using this program and I've already recommended it to friends. You can go at your own pace and study whenever you have time. It's usable wherever you have internet access which is great! I like being able to download the audio so I can listen to it on my phone when I'm out. I definitely like being able to go back into lessons to review as well. I got it at a good price since it was on sale for the holidays. Yay! I have tried Rosetta Stone, but I like Rocket Language much better.

Sari  Chairani

Sari Chairani

Rocket French


For some people, learning languages is as easy as 1, 2, 3. They can visit a foreign speaking country for a week and boom, they absorb most of the basic survival words like "hello, good morning", "my name is", "thank you", and "geez you are so cute, what is your number".
Not me. I am as thick as a brick. I have tried 3 different language providers before Rocket languages and all 3 do nothing but making my brain burnt. Rocket languages use elearning method which is very convenient for me. I can set my own pace. Everytime I feel overwhelmed, I slow down a bit, go back to my previous lesson and/or have a day off. They utilise the logic of english language to make sense of french language so it just clicks easily. And have I mentioned Paul & Claire are very funny? Rocket languages is a very fun way to learn!

Louis Norwood

Louis Norwood

Rocket French Maryland


This is a really good website for me to use , because I'm a beginner at french and this website goes at your pace, and my little sister and brother also use this website another only in the third grade this website is amazing and i believe it is better than rosetta stone.

Ramona Kemph

Ramona Kemph

Rocket French Walla Walla, WA


It took me awhile to get into the Rocket French lessons. Truth is I didn't want to take the time. But, once I did, I am HOOKED! It is Soooooo fun!! I love practicing saying the phrases and trying to match it exactly to the tutor! The games are more like video games and it's hard to believe I'm actually learning French, but I know I am. I've been trying to set records with the games and increase my badges by the points I've been earning. It's SO motivating, I told my daughter I am literally addicted!
Thank you, Rocket French! I can't wait to visit all the French speaking countries in Europe, and impress them with my new found knowledge of this beautiful language!! I give you 5 Stars!!

Vincent Ray

Vincent Ray

Rocket Japanese Maryland , United States


I've studied Japanese for years using various language learning software, but none of them have really helped me out as much as Rocket has. To begin with, the learning curve feels appropriate for each lesson. You are doing more then just listening to words and phrases and trying to memorize them, you actually unearth the reasons why you say various things at various times. The explanations help you to stay on track, and remain motivated. And even if there are words you don't understand, you can highlight them at any time and look them up in the dictionary. Don't like the definition that is given (or there isn't one)? Then you can add your own definition to stay organized.
Unlike a lot of other programs, you are also learning how to write the actual language in the way that the Japanese do. After all, how can you say you truly understand a language just by reading or speaking it? You have to be able to write it as well, and Rocket shows you how to write each hiragana, katakana, and kanji character properly, stroke by stroke. Price wise, Rocket is truly a bargain for the content that you are receiving. It is all available as soon as you sign up, and there is no expiration date to use the material. Unlike several other programs, the price is also reasonable and stays out of the $200's, making Rocket affordable. You can't go wrong with Rocket Japanese. Whether you are a beginner or more advanced, there is still something to learn.