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ODia  Dia

ODia Dia

Rocket Arabic New York


I finished the entire course. I found it fairly easy given my background in MSA. I found it overall basic. Do you have anything more advanced?
The concept is great in my opinion. If you applied it to MSA it would be great. I would just take one edition of a good newspaper written in MSA (Al Ahram for instance) and go through it covering everything from politics to weather to sports to economy applying the same methodology. It would be great in my opinion. Arabic dialects are good but they are limited to the mundane and day to day life issues. To go one step further and cover say politics, science, philosophy, one will need MSA. I was so curious about Egyptian Arabic, but now I know! The course is good and would give anybody a good head start when travelling to Egypt. There are some mistakes in the translation, but they are minor and negligible. Thank you!

Vaidehi  Gulhane

Vaidehi Gulhane

Rocket Italian Nagpur, Maharashtra


Grazie :)
Thank you very much for making such a nice website for helping to learn different languages. Please add Indian languages also. :) And please do add more practise sessions. :) Merci Beaucoup!!!

Janet  Eason

Janet Eason

Rocket Spanish Kansas Oklahoma


I have paid $69.00 and $89.00 cannot log in says paid Members only paid thru paypal have proof of payment cannot get ahold of anyone very unhappy would like access to what I paid for. Cannot use what I paid for because I cannot log in says trial has expired Not happy at all and no one is available to discuss this with.

BRYAN  Jones


Rocket Chinese qld


Very good course so far good to be able to record your own voice and play it back .
Do think Dave's made a mistake in play back instead of hěnhǎo he says her hǎo in the greetings section . Good to be able to get a six day trial for this product

Adam Garsa

Adam Garsa

Rocket Chinese


So far I'm happy with the experience. The instruction is thoughtful, and there are many different ways to review and practice the material. The interface is a little clunky and could use updating, but the content and quality is very good.

Matthew Hogan

Matthew Hogan

Rocket French tyler texas


I do not like your new website format! I'm sorry to say it because I like learning french with you guys. But I have been having a problem with the 2016 formatted website. And I mean a big problem! For example I once said in french " Please " then something else, and it came back as "See spot run. which is not at all what I said, not even close. So I just do not like your 2016 format. I hate to say that because I loved learning with Paul and Claire.

Michael Schneider

Michael Schneider

Rocket Spanish Bern


I`m new here and so far I really like it.
Since i`ve paid for it, I`m motivated to learn the `good` spanish. We `re going to study some in Spain for the next three weeks. Now refresh the vocab and let`s hope that there will be a higher level waiting then A1 or A2 :-) After that, the goal will be to get more fluent and be able to talk about anything. Fingers crossed

Soka  Salena

Soka Salena

Rocket Italian Jakarta


This RocketLanguages is a perfect tool for those who intend to learn Italian languages with no schedule. I have found Italian language is very interesting, so I've been trying to learn it well. Sadly, I have no idea how and where I can learn it, because I don't have much spare time since I am a full working Mom with two little babies. Viola!! And Ciao Italia!! .