Revealed... The Scientifically Based, Award Winning Language Learning System That Allows Anybody... At Any Age Or Skill Level... To Master American Sign Language

(And the best thing is – it only takes minutes a day)

Mastering another language, like American Sign Language, can seem like an impossible dream, right?

Even if you believe that ASL signs just don’t stick in your brain, when in fact, with the right system, they can stick like krazy glue...

Here’s how to make your ASL dream come true...


I’m Jason Oxenham, CEO and co-founder of Rocket Languages. Since 2004, our mission has been to let ordinary people truly master new languages anywhere they want to learn and at any time they wish to do it.

And American Sign Language is no different.

Today I want to invite you to join the 1,212,346 happy, successful, men and women from all 196 countries around the world, who’ve discovered how one amazing, award-winning, system will help them learn a language, when other systems have failed.

The very same system the illustrious PCMag selected as their Editors Choice for language learning, rating it above all the other well-known systems out there...

...and which also took out the prestigious 19th Annual Best Educational Software Award last year.

Today I’m going to reveal to you the life-changing language learning secret that’ll give you a sense of calm and ease with your American Sign Language ability no matter what the situation.


“Rocket Languages is our Editors’ Choice for language-learning.”

As seen in:

So, what’s the secret? How do some people master ASL while you’re going nowhere?

How is it that some people just “get it”, yet others, people just like you and me, just get frustrated and lost? Well, I can tell you...

  • You can bet that they’re not wasting time sitting in a classroom getting only a small fraction of the teachers’ time and attention ...

  • They’re not trying to avoid the teachers gaze, hoping they won’t be singled out for embarrassment by having their signing skills exposed in front of the whole class...

  • And they are definitely not plowing through old-school workbooks and illustrated texts, trying to work out what’s going on...

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew just what worked for you?

The secret to successfully mastering ASL...

Here’s the inside news; people who master one, two, or more languages know that there are some KEY strategies that MUST be used to guarantee success learning any language, and that goes for ASL too. These little-known tactics have been developed and refined by Rocket Languages in conjunction with some of the world’s most successful language learners.

Here at Rocket Languages we combined;

  • 3 Scientifically proven theories of learning

  • 7 Powerful language acquisition success strategies

  • And advances in e-learning and technology...

To bring you the Rocket Express Learning System®, the system that guarantees that you will be able to master ASL no matter what your previous experience of learning ASL is.

The Rocket Express Learning System®


3 Scientific Theories


7 Success Strategies

So, exactly how will the Rocket Express Learning System® help you master ASL?

By using these strategies and techniques, your ability to;

  • Understand ASL when used by others

  • Use ASL yourself and be understood

  • Have fun while learning

  • And reduce your study time

will all be greatly enhanced.

Let’s have a quick look at the science (just click on the circles for more information)

And that’s just the start...

While it’s important to have a strong scientific basis for a language learning system, it’s equally important for you to know what actually works in the real world, for people who have actually succeeded at mastering ASL.

We have spent over 10 years figuring out what works and what doesn’t, we have surveyed polyglots (people who speak multiple languages), researched people who overcame often severe learning difficulties to master a language, used advances in web technology, and much more...

All to develop a ground-breaking system that will get you speaking and understanding the language you've always loved, no matter how old you are, or what your current ability is.

Discover how the powerful language acquisition success strategies in the Rocket Express Learning System® will help you learn ASL no matter what your background is...


Success Strategy #1. Make the BEST possible use of your limited time...

That’s why a key component of Rocket Sign Language, the Sign Language Lessons, are designed so that you can learn ASL at your own pace and in your own time, without adding to your already busy schedule by having to attend classes!

You say that you don’t have time to learn ASL?

Well, you may have more time than you may think! Many successful language learners use what appears to be downtime to keep building their knowledge, and you can too...

  • On your commute

  • During your lunch break

  • At the beach

  • Anywhere!

Try a Rocket Sign Language introductory video lesson here.
(Note: this is just one video clip, with the full Rocket Sign Language course you get several videos per lesson and much more besides...)

The full course includes 30 Sign Language Lessons full of video demonstrations, which you can slow down to make sure you get the signs just right.

Each video shows you how to sign an everyday word or phrase that you are likely to see when communicating with other ASL users.

Have you got a cell phone?

Look what Elsa Alvarado from United States has to say...

I wanted to learn ASL for a long time now. It was always something I was interested in but could never find somewhere I really liked to learn it. Then I found it on Rocket Languages's website and I fell in love instantly. I love the fact that I can go at my own pace. I can practice it in half speed but, I especially like the Dictionary feature!!! I'm learning alot! Thanks

Elsa Alvarado - United States

1278 More Reviews


Success Strategy #2. Understand EXACTLY how ASL works...

A key fact that has been surprisingly often “overlooked” by some other “big name” companies is that you MUST know the mechanics of how ASL works for you to truly master it.

ASL has developed from English, but it has a very different structure, which you need to have explained to you. It’s not something that you can pick up by osmosis, or magic!

That’s why the Rocket Express Learning System® has plain English explanations about how ASL actually works, as well as valuable cultural and historical tips in the Did You Know section of each lesson.

With Rocket ASL’s Language Lessons you will not only discover the mechanics of ASL, but also access audio tracks of hundreds of common ASL words and phrases that go with the lessons.

The Videos and Games are fantastic tools for learning. I purchased your product for my Grans'. While I have limited use of my right hand, even I am benefiting from your program. "It's Not Complicated" :} Finally!!! I discovered a tool that has all the Bells and Whistles to make learning fun. Thank You!, Rocket Languages. _ EW Jones, TX

Eula Jones - DeSoto, United States

1278 More Reviews


Success Strategy #3. REINFORCE what you learn so that it just sticks... forever...

In most classroom settings the learning that you do is not very efficient, mainly because the pace of the learning is dictated by the teacher and the class size, not you...

And that’s not even considering the low amount of information that is actually retained. A study by German psychologist, Hermann Ebbinghaus, showed that within an hour most people have forgotten 50% of what they have learned and within 2 days it’s pretty much all gone...

So, it stands to reason that a major key to successfully learning ASL is remembering as much as possible of what you have learnt. Particularly being able to remember it when you are under pressure to speak!

That’s where the Rocket Express Learning System® My Badges and Rating systems come in.

Our scientifically designed Rating System allows you to rate how well you’ve learned each lesson, and return to it over and over again until you’ve got it just right. Those words and phrases will stick in your head like glue

And the My Badges System lets you gather more and more points as you achieve more and more success. Watch as you move up the ranks from Novice to Guru and beyond. The Badges System is a great way to get motivated and stay motivated.

Within one week I have learned the sign language alphabet. I am very pleased with the program. The videos are very well done and I am looking forward to becoming more proficient at the phrases. Thank you!!

Michael Wainwright - United States

1278 More Reviews


Success Strategy #4. Develop a CORE VOCABULARY of Signs that you can use anywhere, any time...

One of the tricks that people who have mastered another language, including ASL swear by is developing a core vocabulary. This allows you to communicate out in the wide world, even if you’re not sure of the exact word you’re looking for.

And that sort of communication activates key areas of your brain whenever new signs are introduced into the conversation.

The Rocket Express Learning System® has several features that prompt you to grow your ASL vocabulary. One of the most impressive and useful is My Dictionary...

If you need to learn a sign in a hurry, or you’re preparing to discuss a particular topic, then My Dictionary is your new best friend!

Just type in the word you’re looking for, and if it's in our database, Jake will appear to sign it for you.

If your hearing is fine, and you’re learning ASL in order to communicate with a hearing-impaired person, you can even listen to the word being spoken!

Their ASL Lessons are well laid out and enjoyable to go through. The dictionary alone was worth signing up for. I enjoyed learning more about the fascinating history of this beautiful language, and I hope to try my hand at another Rocket language soon.

Christian Augustine - United States

1278 More Reviews


Success Strategy #5. Group your learning so that you learn EFFICIENTLY...

It’s all very well learning a whole bunch of random signs, but if you can’t remember them what good are they.

One of the scientific theories that inform the Rocket Express Learning System® is Dr. George Miller’s idea of Chunking. What that means is learning in small manageable chunks, so that recall is easier.

Rocket ASL has 18 Targeted Video Lessons that show you how to make the signs for words and phrases that are related to a specific topic or theme. From the Alphabet to Food and Drink to Socializing, you can learn the signs that relate to exactly what you want to know.

Here's a sample from Lesson 1.6 Numbers and Time

Video Lesson

1.6 Numbers and Time

There are all sorts of ways that we break up time. We have numbered years, months, days of the week, and times of the day. Just like in any spoken language, the keys to talking about time using sign-language are knowing the names for the different parts, the months and days, as well as knowing your numbers.

The full lesson 1.6 Numbers and Time has all the days of the week, all the months of the year, and some numbers. Below you can try and example of each...




Rocket Sign Language has given me greater enthusiasm to gauge myself for further knowledge and experience. It has laid to rest some of the doubts I had with respects to enhancing my fingerspelling.

Hazel Mc Lean

Hazel Mclean - San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago

1278 More Reviews


Success Strategy #6. Have a strong support network...

To have the best chance of success with mastering ASL, you need a strong network of fellow learners and active signers to help you along when you get stuck. You don’t want to be sitting there throwing your hands up in the air in frustration if you come across a tricky bit...

With Rocket Sign Language, you don’t have to be afraid to put your hand up, there is no such thing as a silly question with us...

When you learn ASL with Rocket Sign Language, you'll have unlimited 24/7 lifetime online access to our team of:

  • ASL teachers (including your tutor, Jake LaBerge),
  • Experienced signers,
  • and fellow ASL enthusiasts just like you...

...who will answer all your ASL questions.

We'll be with you every step of the way - it's just like having your own ASL teacher, virtually "on call"!

We also have a members’ hotline for any technical issues that may arise. Members get preferential customer service because we want any issues resolved fast!

Who is using Rocket Languages right now?

* real time reporting — updates every 5 sec

I am very impressed by Rocket Sign Language Premium! I have never taken a sign language course before, but after using RSL for only a short period of time, I am already able to recognize finger spelled words. All of the videos in the program are very clear and easy to understand. Also, because the videos can be played back at 1/2 speed, I can easily review signs that I find difficult. I look forward to delving deeper into the program, and I'd definitely recommend it to people who are serious about learning American Sign Language as easily as possible. Great job on this program!

Terence Cole - Missouri, USA

1278 More Reviews


Success Strategy #7. Maintain MOTIVATION and have fun while you learn...

The final method that successful language learners use is high motivation; which means not only maintaining your motivation but actively improving it.

Have you ever tried doing something new that was so exciting that you had an inability to concentrate on anything else? Then as time goes on it, slowly but surely, it gets to the stage where it’s just easier for you to stay in bed... I think we have all been there...

That’s why the Rocket Express Learning System® has been designed to include a whole range of activities and features that will keep you engaged, motivated, and on track. Such as...

  • Progress tracking: your at-a-glance Dashboard, so you know where you are up to

  • Rating system: As you go, you get to rate how well you know each lesson. The more you know, the better your rating

  • Badges, points, and the leaderboard: this works really well to keep you motivated and coming back for more

  • My Notes: another handy tool that lets you make personal notes on each lesson for future reference

  • Puzzle Master crossword game: A fantastic web-based game will really help you to improve your signing skills.

  • Lifetime access: every Rocket ASL course is yours for life - 24/7

  • Free upgrades: we are always working on improving the Rocket Express Learning System®, and when we make improvements they are yours for free!

I absolutely love the Rocket Sign Language program. There are a few different signs that we are being taught by my instructor in our IPP program, but I am able to remember both. Unfortunately I can't remember specifics. This program has helped me with some of my receptive skills which I have been struggling with.

The games really make me concentrate and practice. I spell after I figure out the word. This helps with my expressive skills as well.

The biggest benefit I gained from Rocket Sign Language Premium is that I can work at basically my own speed. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to increase there skills in all forms of language improvement. Thanks so much.

Deb Callaway - Missouri, USA

1278 More Reviews

So, how much does mastery of ASL cost?
(And how long will it take?)

Well, that all depends on how you go about it...

Let’s do a quick comparison and look at some of the alternatives.


For a start, let’s look at how much you’ll pay for an ASL course from one of our competitors. Hold on, most of them don’t even support ASL! Not even our big expensive yellow friends!

So where else can you look?


Well, you could decide to take a class. So you’ll be looking at paying at least $300 - $400 a semester, and that doesn’t include the cost of any resources, and time away from the things you really want to be doing. Not to mention how little personal time you actually get in a classroom setting...


Alternatively, you might consider hiring a local or online private tutor, but at the bare minimum you would be paying close to $50 an hour. Sure, it’s smart to get one-on-one attention, but it will end up being very expensive, and there is no guarantee that their method of teaching is going to work for you. Who knows, maybe they’ll have a teaching style that doesn’t gel with the way you grasp language. Plus, you can’t repeat a lesson without paying them again.

Truth is you don’t need to spend a huge amount of money, or years behind a desk to become proficient at daily conversation. Rocket Sign Language provides a simple, quick, and affordable means of achieving mastery at ASL, while allowing you to continue doing what you want. It’s that flexible.

So how much is it worth to you, to save all that money and time?

With Rocket Sign Language, it works out to cost less than $1 per hour of tuition, that’s unbeatable value in anyone's book.

You can get started on your way to ASL mastery in less than 3 minutes

As soon as you have ordered you will be directed to the Rocket Sign Language members' area where you can set your secure password and then access all the tools you need to truly master ASL.

Remember, your access is 24/7 and is yours for life, including any and all course upgrades... so, once you have it you can come back to it at any time.

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The “You’ll learn ASL or you don’t pay”
Founder’s personal guarantee

That’s right: this is my personal guarantee to you. Here's exactly how it works.

Look, I'm just a regular person like you. And I know that it can be difficult to trust people you come across online, especially when I've made some pretty big statements here today.

I've told you that a lot of common methods to learn ASL are one-dimensional and not based on the key language acquisition methods that the pro’s use. And I've told you that I've got a system that, if you dedicate just 20 minutes a day to, and do what I say, then you're going to master ASL no matter what your age or ability.

  • Without having to attend classes

  • Without having to go through some old school text book

  • Without having to look at pictures of apples over and over again.

Before you know it you're going to be able to have actual conversations using ASL.

You will be able to communicate with other signers, and have them slapping you on the back and saying that you're the one person that really understands them.

I want to make it an absolute no-brainer for you today, here's what I'm going to do, simply order the course, enter your credit card or PayPal information, and you'll have 60 full days to try this out before you decide if it's really for you.

You can decide in those 60 days whether you have the time and the motivation to learn ASL... If at any point in the next 60 days you don't feel like the system lived up to what I said here, or if you don't think that you personally have time to go through the program, simply contact my customer services team, let them know, and they will issue you with a prompt and courteous refund...

No Questions. No Hassles. Just contact us at It’s that simple.

Jason Oxenham
CEO and Co-founder
Rocket Languages Ltd

Hi I'm Dawn Moreno I'm a 44 year-old New Mexico resident. I hear it's suppose to be really difficult at my age to learn a new language, but I bought the Rocket Sign Language program, I wanted to learn just for fun and I absolutely could not believe how easy it was. You don't even have to study with this program.

The videos are very high quality; you can slow them down, or keep repeating them over and over, till you get a sign down pat. This is the easiest way I can imagine to possibly learn Sign Language.

The price is extremely low for a program of this high quality. This program could easily sell for a few hundred dollars.

Rocket Sign Language is fun, it's easy, affordable, there's no studying involved; from day one you start signing. Even somebody, at my age, can pick this up rather quickly. So I'm extremely happy with the program.

I just wanted to say I'm a very tough consumer; if I'm not happy with something, I'll tell ya, you'll hear from me, but with this Rocket Sign Language program, I am thrilled with it. I've told all of my friends about it, my husband couldn't believe that after my first lesson I was actually doing signs. It's just a really wonderful program.

Also I really like the support forum, I think it's neat that there's a message board where I can meet and talk to other people who are also signing. Anyway thank you so much Rocket Sign Language for a great program, I really appreciate it.

Dawn Moreno - New Mexico, USA

1278 More Reviews

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