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Whether you just want to learn a few Spanish words and phrases, or the whole enchilada, we’ve got the answers to all your Spanish language questions! We're talking great tools, great tips, audio lessons, and the inside word on how to speak Spanish confidently and understand Spanish quickly and effectively...

Right here you‘ll find tons of Spanish language resources that will really help you learn Spanish. From understanding how Spanish grammar works, to a whole range of really helpful Spanish words and phrases, these fantastic Spanish lessons will make sure that you can get your point across when you're traveling in a Spanish speaking country.

First of All, Who am I?

Hola, my name’s Mauricio Evlampieff, and I’m the host of Rocket Spanish. I come from the beautiful country of Chile, which means Spanish is my native language. That also means that I know just how hard it can be to learn a new language, because I’ve been there learning English. Together with my English speaking colleague, Amy, I want to help you to speak and understand Spanish while cutting your learning time in half.

I’ve travelled the world over and have found that languages are a great way to meet people and discover new things. I really want to make your Spanish learning experience rewarding and fun!

My goal, just like Rocket Languages’, is to help you reach your goal.

Why the Rocket Express Learning System®?

If you want to learn to express yourself a new language, and do it at express pace, then the Rocket Express Learning System is just what you need.

We have a developed this language learning system as an effective way for you to speak and understand the language you've always loved, and retain it forever.

The Rocket Express Learning System works by combining;

  • George A. Miller's scientific theory of 'chunking', breaking down big difficult content into small easy parts,
  • The 7 most powerful language acquisition success strategies that work in the real world,
  • and taking advantage of advances in e-learning and technology.

Have a look at some of the key features in the Rocket Express Learning System for Rocket Spanish.

How to Perfect Your Spanish Pronunciation with Rocket Record

You can sound like you ARE a native Spanish speaker when you use Rocket Record, the pronunciation tool from Rocket Spanish!

Here’s the transcript from one of our Interactive Audio Lessons:

¡Hola, Mauricio! Hello, Mauricio!
¡Hola, Amy! Hello, Amy!
¿Cómo estás? How are you?
Bien, ¿y tú? Well, and you?
Muy bien. Very well.

IMPORTANT! To get full functionality with Rocket Record voice comparison you need to become a member by either purchasing or signing up for the trial. Once you have done this you can download the Rocket Languages App and get full functionality!

Amy ¡Hola, Mauricio! Hello, Mauricio!
Mauricio ¡Hola, Amy! Hello, Amy!
  ¿Cómo estás? How are you?
Amy Bien, ¿y tú? Well, and you?
Mauricio Muy bien. Very well.

Note the blue triangle icons beside each Spanish phrase. Just click the icon to access Rocket Record.

Rocket Record allows you to listen to the way native speakers say hundreds of Spanish words and phrases. Then you can record yourself and accurately compare your speech with that of the native speaker.

It really is a fantastic way to learn Spanish by increasing the amount of Spanish words and phrases you know, and at the same time massively improving your pronunciation and accent. Rocket Record is great for your confidence!

Virtually every Spanish word and phrase in these lessons uses our Rocket Record voice comparison technology to get your pronunciation sounding as close as possible to a native South American.

Try out Rocket Record in these pronunciation lessons!

How to Understand Spoken Spanish with Testing

Most of our Spanish lessons take advantage of Testing, our exclusive testing tool. Testing has three testing components, Hear It Say It!, Write It!, and Know It! Plus the multi-choice Quiz.

1. Hear it Say it!

Training your ear for Spanish can be one of the things that Spanish learners find the hardest to master. That’s why we came up with Hear It Say It!

Here’s how Hear lt Say It! works. A randomly selected audio track from within each lesson is played. After listening to the track you’re prompted to record yourself saying the word, compare the way you say it to the Spanish speaker, and rate how well you understand what the speaker was saying. A very powerful tool to tune your ear to spoken Spanish!

Have a go with Hear It Say It! Here

2. Write it!

It's one thing being able to pronounce Spanish words correctly, it's quite another figuring out how those sounds turn into written words.

Write It! is the self-testing tool that lets you find out how well developed your Spanish ear really is. Just listen to the native speaker saying a word or phrase, then try to write it correctly in the space provided. There's a special character keyboard available if you need it, so you can get it exactly right.

When you're done click reveal, and you get to see how well you did, and get a rating for that word or phrase.

Test your writing skills with Write It! here:

3. Know it!

Now, all the training in the world won’t help you if someone is talking to you in Spanish and your mind freezes when it’s your turn to speak! That’s why we developed Know It! The self-testing tool that really puts you on the spot!

Know It! pulls randomly selected English words and phrases out of each lesson and prompts you to record yourself saying the Spanish translation, compare yourself to the Spanish speaker, and then rate how well you did! You really need to know your stuff for this one but the benefits are huge in maximizing how quickly you can come up with the right thing to say when someone is speaking Spanish to you!

For a real challenge try out Know It!:

Test out your Spanish skills with Testing in these lessons:

Learn Spanish Words

Now you know how to use Rocket Record and Testing you can start learning Spanish with some basic Spanish lessons.

These Spanish word lessons from Rocket Spanish will help you to learn tons of basic Spanish words and improve your Spanish pronunciation. We’ve also included some useful vocabulary lists to help you learn Spanish for real-world situations!

Try these popular lessons:

Learn Spanish Phrases

Once you’ve built up your vocabulary by learning some basic Spanish words, it’s time to move on to learning key Spanish phrases with some more of our Spanish lessons

Are you planning on traveling to a Spanish speaking country on vacation or business? Or perhaps you need to speak Spanish closer to home... Whatever the reason you can learn simple Spanish phrases for with these Spanish lessons from Rocket Spanish.

Learn Spanish Grammar

Our Spanish grammar lessons make learning Spanish grammar rules a breeze. Whether you’re a Spanish language beginner or honing your advanced skills we can help you master the basics and the finer points in no time.

It‘s true that most folks learning to speak a foreign language don‘t look forward to the grammar rules, but the better you understand how the language works, the more you can read and write about!

What comes next?

When you're ready to take your Spanish learning to the next level Rocket Spanish has just the right course for you:

You can hear the first Interactive Audio Lesson from Rocket Spanish Premium here:

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Get started in 60 seconds, just choose your language and course...

Just select a language to find out all about which package is right for you, what you get in each package, and how it’ll help you become the speaker you always wanted to be.

Rocket Spanish

Rocket Spanish takes you from

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For the serious learner. Advanced conversational level

Spanish Lessons:




Spanish ASL Lessons




Spanish Video Lessons




Spanish Interactive Audio Lessons ?

Rocket Spanish consists of tons of audio lessons, with each track averaging over 25 minutes in length, that are designed to train your ear to Spanish and prompt you to speak and respond to your tutors. Each audio track guides you through an everyday conversation that you are likely to have when speaking to Spanish people.




Spanish Language & Culture Lessons ?

Rocket Spanish has in-depth, step by step instructions on how Spanish actually works in English, as well as valuable cultural tips with our Language and Culture lessons. With Rocket Spanish's Language & Culture lessons you will not only discover the mechanics of Spanish, but also access audio tracks of hundreds of common Spanish words and phrases that go with the lessons.




Spanish Writing Lessons ?

Rocket Spanish has writing lessons, with embedded videos, that teach you how to write the native script the way native Spanish do!




Total Spanish Lessons:




Hours of lesson time




Words and phrases


Voice comparison phrases ?

Rocket Record allows you to record yourself saying any of the thousands of Spanish words and phrases in Rocket Spanish. You will not only gain the huge benefits of speaking out loud but also be able to improve your pronunciation and accent with our voice comparison tool, Rocket Record.




Puzzle Master Crossword Games: Levels


Word MasterGames: Levels ?

A fun game that gets you understand how the sounds made by Spanish speakers translate into letters and words on the page.




Phrase MasterGames: Levels ?

Another fun game that teaches you how the words fit together to formulate practical Spanish phrases. You'll quickly notice the patterns and conventions that apply when speaking and writing in Spanish




ASL Dictionary

Advanced Learning Techniques ?

Rocket Spanish has 25 Advanced Learning Technique articles that will give you cutting edge learning techniques, tips and tricks that will dramatically cut the amount of time you need to study.

Progress tracking ?

Your Rocket Spanish course comes with built-in progress tracking. You can see where you are at and where you are going at a glance. What's more, all of your activity will synch between your devices.

Phrase Finder ?

The Phrase Finder lets you find Spanish words and phrases within different contexts throughout the course, so you can better understand which situations you should be using them in.

My Vocab vocab builder ?

My Vocab lets you build lists of vocabulary from words and phrases within Rocket Spanish as well as any vocab you want to add from outside of the course.

Badges and Leaderboard access ?

A very popular feature for those with a slightly competitive nature, the Badges, Leaderboard and associated points system keeps you motivated to learn a little more every day.

24/7 Forum and Email Support ?

With Rocket Spanish, you don't have to be afraid to put your hand up, there is no such thing as a silly question with us. When you learn Spanish with Rocket Spanish, you'll have unlimited 24/7 lifetime online access to our team who will answer all your Spanish language questions. It's just like having your own Spanish teacher, virtually "on call"!

24/7 Lifetime access ?

Your once only payment guarantees you lifetime access to Rocket Spanish. If you take a break from learning Spanish, you can come back at any time!

Free updates ?

We are always working on improving the Rocket Spanish system, and when we make improvements they are yours for free!

60 Day Money Back Guarantee ?

Take up to 60 days to find out if Rocket Spanish will work for you. If you are not satisfied in any way then just send us an email within 60 days of ordering for a full refund.

FREE Bonuses with your order




Rocket ?

Your Rocket Spanish Premium Survival Kit is made up of targeted Rocket Spanish Vocab Sessions with interactive audio that focus on essential Spanish words and phrases and their pronunciation. You can use them anywhere, anytime. You can use them online, download them to your computer, or even transfer them to your smart phone, tablet or any MP3 player. The Survival Kits sell everyday on our website for $49.95, but we're including it absolutely FREE when you buy today from this page.

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