Medical Spanish Phrases

Keep these medical Spanish phrases on hand - just in case! Listen carefully to the audio and repeat each Spanish phrase after the native speaker.

Whether you're traveling to Spain or Latin America on vacation or business, this free audio lesson will teach you simple medical Spanish phrases that you can add to your Spanish language survival kit.

Being surrounded by a foreign language isn't easy, especially if you have to navigate the health care system or find yourself face to face with a doctor and need to explain your illness. Having a few medical Spanish phrases on hand will make the experience a whole lot easier.

Hopefully you won’t be in a situation where you need to use the following medical Spanish phrases and words, but it’s still important to familiarize yourself with them. You might have to buy medicine from a pharmacy, where you will need to explain what your problem is and where you feel the pain… Maybe all you need is a bandage, some cough syrup, or some sleeping pills for a long haul flight...

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Tengo dolor.
I have pain.
Tengo dolor de cabeza.
I have a headache.
Tengo dolor de estómago.
I have a stomach ache
Tengo dolor de garganta.
I have a sore throat.
Tengo dolor de oídos.
I have sore ears.
Tengo dolor de muelas.
I have a tooth ache.
Estoy enfermo.
I’m sick.
No me siento bien.
I’m feeling sick.
Me siento mal.
I feel unwell.
Me siento débil.
I feel weak.

The following phrases are useful when describing where it hurts…

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Me duele el brazo.
My arm hurts.
Me duele la pierna.
My leg hurts.
Me duele la cabeza.
My head hurts.
Me duele la rodilla.
My knee hurts.
Me duele el pie.
My foot hurts.
Me duelen el dedo.
My finger hurts.
Me duele el tobillo
My ankle hurts.
Me duele el ojo.
My eye hurts.
Me duele el hombro.
My shoulder hurts.
Me duele la espalda.
My back hurts.
Me duele la muñeca
My wrist hurts.

When you go to the doctor he or she will ask you about your symptoms…

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¿Que tipo de síntomas tiene?
What kind of symptoms do you have?
¿Tiene dolor?
Do you have pain?
¿Donde te duele?
Where do you have pain?
¿Tiene fiebre?
Do you have fever?
Maybe you have an idea what’s wrong with you. You could say …

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