Simple Spanish Phrases

Learn simple Spanish phrases fast with these free audio tutorials! Listen carefully to the pronunciation of each Spanish phrase and repeat after the native speaker – it's that easy.

Whether you're traveling to Spain or Latin America on vacation, or you're learning Spanish and want to begin with the basics, these quick audio lessons will teach you some simple Spanish phrases to add to your Spanish language survival kit.

Being surrounded by a foreign language can be challenging, but learning how to talk about the necessities of life such as where to find a restroom, or tell someone you are hungry or thirsty – can make your experience a whole lot easier.

How do you tell someone in Spanish that you're happy, tired, or busy? It can be frustrating when you want to share these basic feelings, but you don't have the simple Spanish vocabulary to express them. Learning these simple Spanish phrases will help you communicate better with the people around you.

Is it going to rain, snow or hail? Will the sun shine all day? Will it be a great day for going to the beach or shall we go to the art gallery instead? You might like to know what the weather is doing before making any plans. Listen to the Spanish phrase on the audio to learn how to ask about the weather and understand the answers!

If you need to schedule a meeting, catch a train, or plan the next stage of your trip, you’ll need to know the days of the week, times of the day and perhaps even the months and seasons of the year. This lesson will teach you how to talk about time in Spanish. Keep these simple Spanish phrases on hand to ensure you turn up at the right time!

Click the link below to start your free Spanish language tutorial...
Simple Spanish phrases for talking about feelings
Simple Spanish phrases for talking about the weather
Simple Spanish phrases for talking about time

I'm sure you'll be feeling a lot more confident about speaking Spanish after these lessons, but these simple phrases are just the beginning...

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