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Word Order Help - Time, Manner, Place

xocwjjbGerman NoviceWed, 02 Jul 2008 01:15:54 +0000
Hello, I need help with the time/manner/place rule for adverbial phrases.

In the advanced grammar lesson 1, the example is given [color=blue:3pay34bv]Sabine isst heute (time) mit ihre Freundin (manner) in der Stadt (place).[/color:3pay34bv] But in Exercise 1, #4, the answer is [color=blue:3pay34bv]Die Kinder spielen auf der Straße [/color:3pay34bv](seems like place) [color=blue:3pay34bv]mit Ihren Freunden [/color:3pay34bv](seems like manner).

Why does the "with friend(s)" phrase come before place in the example sentence but not in the exercise sentence?

Many thanks for help with this.
xocwjjbGerman NoviceWed, 02 Jul 2008 01:18:41 +0000
I see this question was already answered. Sorry I missed the answer before I posted the question.

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