Do I "talk with somebody" or "talk to sb"

Fran-N June 26, 2012, 10:15 am
Ciao ciao ciao da Sicilia, qua è molto caldo e la spiaggia ci molto piace. As my question poses... do you say (in italian of course) "I was talking with my sister....." or "I was talking to my sister....." "do you want to talk with" or "do you want to talk to" ??? Being here the second time I've realised I think too much in English, also I realise I understand enough to know I don't understand enough!!!!!!! :-) Keen to get home now to learn more. I've been here for a month now, spent the first 2 weeks sick and had 2 visits to the hospital, have to admit that was a bit scary. So my remaining 2 weeks I've played catch up visiting family and the beach. Oh, and yes, staying up late watching il calcio. Leaving in 2 days :-( Sorry Maria, I know I should have written this in Italian. A presto Fran
Do I "talk with somebody" or "talk to sb"
Maria-DiLorenzi July 9, 2012, 6:45 am
Ciao Fran, che bella la Sicilia... quest'anno in tutta l'Italia fa troppo caldo. The translation of "I was talking to my sister" will be "stavo parlando con mia sorella". In Italian "do you want to talk to...?" will be "vuoi parlare con ...?". I'm sorry to hear you haven't feel well during your holiday. I hope you had a good experience with Italian hospitals. Ah il calcio....che sofferenza cara Fran !!!! Speriamo di essere più fortunati ai Mondiali in Brasile :) Ciao
Do I "talk with somebody" or "talk to sb"

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