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Describing people in Arabic

Ever tried describing people in Arabic? After this free audio lesson you’ll know some Arabic adjectives to describe someone’s appearance and the kind of person they are as well. This is going to make Arabic conversations a whole lot more interesting – let’s hope you don’t decide ignorance is bliss!

How do you explain someone is good-looking? What is the Arabic word for lazy? Listen to the Rocket Arabic speakers and practice saying the words and phrases aloud. Describing people in Arabic can be fun – let’s get started!

Pronunciation help for describing people in Arabic

نيك شعره قصير.

Nik sha3ro osayar.

Nik has short hair.

اولي اشقر.

Oli ash2ar.

Oli has blond hair.

بيتر شعره اسود.

Peter sha3ro sewed.

Peter has black hair.

ماريا شعرها بني.

Maria sha3raha bonny.

Maria has brown hair.

شعرها ملولو.

Sha3raha melawlew.

She has curly hair.

شعرها مموج.

Sha3raha memaweg.

She has wavy hair.

شعره ناعم

Sha3ro na3em.

He has soft hair.

طول شعرها متوسط.

Tool sha3raha motawaset.

She has medium-length hair.

ليزا شعرها طويل.

Liza sha3raha tweel.

Lisa has long hair.

روزي شعرها احمر.

Rosi sha3raha a7mar.

Rosi has red hair.

What about the eye and skin color?

عينه بني.

3eyno bonny.

He has brown eyes.

عينها خضرة.

3eynha 7'adra.

She has green eyes.

عينة زرقاء.

3eyno zar2a.

He has blue eyes.

هي سمرة.

Heya samra.

She is dark-skinned.

هو ابيض.

Howa abyad.

He is fair-skinned.

What about other features, like height and weight?

هي قصيرة.

Heya osayara.

She is short.

هو طويل.

Howa tweel.

He is tall.

هي رفيعة.

Heya rofaya3a.

She is thin.

هو تخين.

Howa te7'een.

He is fat.

هو معصعص.

Howa me3us3us.

He is skinny.

What about other abilities and features?

هي سريعة.

Heya sari3a.

She is fast.

هو بطئ.

Howa bati2.

He is slow.

هي قوية.

Hyea kaweya.

She is strong.

هى ضعيفة.

Heya da3ifa.

She is weak.

هي جميلة.

Heya gamila.

She is pretty.

هو وسيم.

Howa wasim.

He is handsome.

شكله حلو.

Shaklo 7elw.

He is good-looking.

هي وحشة.

Heya we7sha.

She is ugly.

What about personality?

هي اجتماعية.

Heya egtma3eya.

She is friendly.

هي فقيرة.

Heya fa2ira.

She is poor.

هو مضحك.

Howa mod7ek.

He is funny.

هي شجاعة.

Heya shoga3a.

She is brave.

هو راقي.

Howa raky.

He is sophisticated.

هي مجتهدة.

Heya mogtaheda.

She is hard-working.

هو طيب.

Howa tayeb.

He is kind.

هو جد.

Howa gad.

He is serious.

هو مش مؤدب.

Howa mesh mo2adab.

He is bad-mannered.

هي كسلانة.

Heya kaslana.

She is lazy.

هو صبور.

Howa saboor.

He is patient.

هي ذكية.

Hey zakeya.

She is intelligent.

هي مضحكة.

Heya mod7eka.

He is humorous.

هي بتتكسف.

Heya betetkesef.

She is shy.

هي هادية.

Heya hadya.

She is quiet.

هو لطيف.

Howa latif.

He is nice.

هي غنية.

Howa 3'any.

She is rich.

That’s it for this lesson. With all these descriptions you can describe anyone!

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​ !مع السلامة Ma3a essalama! Goodbye!

Amira Zaki Rocket Arabic