Arabic salutations

Socializing with Arabic-speaking people? Knowing these Arabic salutations will help you fit right in. After this free audio lesson you'll have a range of common Arabic salutations and expressions to use in the company of native speakers.

Perhaps you want to welcome someone, wish them luck, or a good vacation. Maybe you want to congratulate someone, or even apologize – either way, this Arabic language lesson is not to be missed. Listen carefully to the Arabic pronunciation and practice saying the phrases aloud until you’re ready to try them out in Arabic conversation for real!

How to pronounce Arabic salutations

Thumbs up in Arabic

In this lesson, all gender specific words are in the masculine form.



All the best!

اجمل التهاني ل......

Agmal el tahany le………

Best wishes to…




اهلا وسهلا

Ahlan wasahlan.




With sympathy!

اجمل التهاني بعيد ميلادك

Agmal el tahany b3id miladak.

Best wishes on your birthday.

يرحمكم الله

Yer7amakom allah.

Bless you!

اجازة سعيدة

Agaza sa3ida.

Have a nice vacation!

كل سنة و انت طيب

Kol sana wenta tayeb.

Happy Easter!

كل سنة و انت طيب

Kol sana wenta tayeb.

Merry Christmas!

اجمل التهاني من .....

Agmal el tahany men……

Best wishes from…

خللي بالك

7'ally balak.

Take care! (formal)

حظ سعيد

7az sa3id.

Good luck!



Have fun!

حب كتير

7ob ktir.

Lots of love!

رحلة سعيدة

Re7la sa3ida.

Have a good trip!

اكلة جنان

Akla gnan.

Enjoyed meal!

تشيرز/ في صحتك

Cheers fi se7etak.




Be lucky!



Well done!



Take care! (casual)

كل سنة و انت طيب

Kol sana wenta tayeb.

Happy New Year!

Let’s review how to apologize again. The easiest way to apologize in Arabic is to say…

انا اسف

Ana asef.

I am sorry!

Or in a more casual way…

مفيش مشاكل

Mafish moshkela.

No worries!

You could also say…

انا اسف جدا

Ana asef gedan.

I am very sorry!

A very polite, but less common way of apologizing in Arabic is to say…

انا اسف على اللي حصل

Ana asef 3la elly 7asal.

I'm sorry about what happened!

If someone stepped on your toes and apologized you might want to say…

بعد اذنك

Ba3d eznak.

Pardon me

That’s it for this lesson.

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!مع السلامة Ma3a essalama! Goodbye!

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