Rocket Languages Blog Update: The Rocket Languages Kindle App

Update: The Rocket Languages Kindle App


Hi all

Just a short message this week! We have just released a significant update to our Kindle app.

If you have already got the app then it should have automatically updated. If not and you are a Kindle user then download the app for FREE from this link;

There may be some people out there who aren't aware that we also have iOS and Android apps available for free. Just go to the respective app stores and search for "Rocket Languages".

Whether you are a trial user or have bought a full course, these apps will work for all levels of members, and they are 100% free to use.

Also, if you like it then please leave a review! It all helps to spread the good word.


Jason Oxenham
Rocket Languages

P.S. We have some exciting news coming up about our overall course upgrade. Keep tuning into the blog over the next couple of weeks...


My mother and I will look into maybe getting the Rocket Languages Kindle app. We have a Kindle, but don't know if it's the right one type yet.


Great! I have a Kindle so I am downloading the app right away.  Thanks! 


I'm confused.  Kindle is only for reading books, isn't it?


Hi Nancy - With the more modern Kindles you can use a variety of Android apps. You can also use Kindles to play songs and videos, so they are like a quasi-tablet.


Hi my kindle says app is out of stock


The link doesn't work for me, but the app I find when I do a search on Amazon—which is by TNW Dev—says it is incompatible with my Kindle. 

ETA: I'm aware that the original post is a three years old, but I hope that Kindle support is offered again in the future.


I got the same, Kindle says app is out of stock.


Hi all - We had to discontinue support for the Kindle app as most of the features/functionality don't work on Kindle. And the user base for our app on Kindle has been small.

As a side note, we are trying to remove the "imposter" apps from Kindle but it's a long winding process.

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