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Lesson 1.1 of German Premium mentions the written matter that accompanies the course, but I can't find it. Where can I find it?


Hi Martin, I went back to 1.1 and couldn't find any reference to written material. I've been taking Rocket for several years and I'm not aware that there is any written material other than the transcripts of conversations in the lessons and the explanations there and in the culture and language sections. As far as I know, everything in the course is available to you on-line. There are no supplemental files you need to download.


I'm not sure about Rocket German, but in Rocket Spanish there are links to download the conversations as PDF files (under the "Conversation" tab of each lesson). I think you may have PDF downloads in the Survival Kit portions (at least we do in the Spanish course).


jchamb is correct. There are also links to download the conversations as PDF files for Rocket German as well. It's the same as your lessons, but you can get hardcopy if you need it.

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