Arabic Motivations


Why do you study Arabic? I am going on a two-week vacation with my mom. How much do you like Arabic? I like it so much.


Hey, kiddo! I took Spanish and French in school and realized I love learning languages. After reading a book about Morocco last month and deciding to plan a trip there (and Egypt), I figured we had a great reason to dive into Arabic.

I like Arabic a lot, too. Learning a new language feels like falling in love. 


Hey! By chance i recieved projects in the gulf states ( although i was told my knowledge of spanish will be deciding factor for my projects... my company is strange) and have spend quite some time there in the last two years. Turns out that to get around (outside of 5* hotel) you need either arabic, hindi or bengal... So now i am learning arabic, also using it in holiday trips to egypt. Egypt is lovely, go visit!

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