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I was wondering if anyone could point me towards some popular Egyptian Arabic music. I have found this helpful previously learning language and it’s great traveling out even years after and hearing songs you know.

I think this can be great for getting to know the culture and of course actually learning the language. I just have no idea what artists are popular/well known.
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Hi RedJupiter, 

Kulthum is a very famous Egyptian singer, along with Amr Diab, and Sherine. In terms of finding current popular Egyptian music, a good tip would be to listen to an Egyptian radio station online, or finding playlists for Egyptian Top Hits on music steaming services like Spotify, which is a good way to find a new favorite song. :) 

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Hakim is also a well known Egyptian pop singer. Also check out Hany Shaker and Mohamen Mounir.

In addition to Um Kalthoum is Warda al-Jazira (Warda) and Abdel Halim Hafaz from the “Golden Era”. Some of their songs were an hour or longer and can be found on YouTube. Updated versions of their songs by current singers will be much shorter.

Since all these names are transliterated and can vary greatly, once you find their name in Arabic, search with that.

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