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Egyptian Arabic TV with English subtitles?


Hi, I've studied a few languages in my time and I've always found an immersion-based approach works really well. So whenever I'm starting a new language, I try and collect all the resources I can find, and this always includes TV programmes with English subtitles. TV preferable over film because a single episode is much easier to fit into a schedule than an entire film and it's ongoing so you can follow the storyline and get a daily dose, and English subtitles to enhance enjoyment and understanding. However, I'm at a loss with Arabic TV. I've tried countless search engines, forums etc but I can't find any links to any Egyptian Arabic TV programmes with English subtitles. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance :) Kaveh


Hi, Kaveh. I can't really help you, but I hope somebody has suggestions, because I was wondering about the exact same thing...


Hi, I have the same problem. I'm learning language by myself, English and Arabic. Well, we can find many of school of English language beyond too much help from sites and forums by net. My English is not good as I'm learning alone. Rocket Arabic is the best way to learn Arabic language that I found and I also have Arabic friends on social networks. Try it : ; is a Egyptian radio, I hear it sometimes too. I hope I've helped you a little. ma'salama


I've been having the same problem although I've had some luck finding Arabic cartoons (similar to say...Sesame Street) and then looking up the English version.


...... Nan and Lili on Youtube....


Thank you, Marca D and Srahmouni. I have many songs in Arabic, but I never thought of finding radio channels online. There are quite a few. And Nan wa Lili is cute :))


Thanks for the responses, really appreciated! I'm glad to say that shortly after posting this question I found an Arabic TV series with... you guessed it, English subtitles!! Nice little series about some young guys living in Dubai. Episodes 3-20 have English subtitles. There are a ton of other TV shows on that website, classified by country of origin. Having skimmed through several, I quite liked this one: A medical drama whose short scenes and familiar situations lend themselves to decent understanding, even without subtitles. Marca D - Nogoun is my favourite online Egyptian radio station! I often have it in the background when I'm doing other things. Nice combination of contemporary Arabic music and talk. Also hourly news broadcasts (in MSA). I would love to find an Arabic podcast but haven't had any luck yet. Srahmouni - Thanks, I'll check out Nan wa Lili! I'd heard that the US military uses Arabic Sesame Street to teach it's ground troops basic Arabic but I hadn't found subtitled versions. Hadn't even occurred to me to look up both versions. Thank you :)


Kaveh B , 3afwan. :D



Kaveh B - Alf shukran. You had questions and fast gave the answer. Mabrook I'm learning English and Arabic by myself, it is hardest , principally if time is short. I stayed 15 days in Egypt and it was great to me learning, I hope I can back... Ma'salama.


Hello everyone this is a fun Egyptian movie with english subtitle it is called (3sl sewed) =black honey you can find it in youtube as 2parts here the links.. part 1 part2 Enjoy ;)


Go here, and you will find a selection:


Here is a nine part movie about an Egyptian who could not read or write Arabic, but, of course, spoke Egyptian Arabic and went abroad to Germany to earn money. Ask did he manage to work in a foreign country without knowing any other language or how to read or write? Watch and you will find out! The movie has English subtitles. In the end you will see he learned many languages. It is based on a true account of this Egyptian, and it is an inspiration to many who are studying a foreign language. Enjoy...


Try this site . Maybe this is helps you


I've had good luck searching Arabic Disney on Youtube. The Tarzan one, for example, is really helpful because you already know the concept of the song and it is mostly about love and family. Very simple sentences help you pick up additional words.

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