Konnichiwa Sayaka, I would like to know the proper sentence in Japanese in a very respectful way, thanking them for adding me on myspace. Here is the sentence I would like to say with everything typed in Japanese to show respect, if you have any suggestions on improving please let me know. Thank you, Raven


I forgot to post the sentence I'm very sorry, here it is. Konnichiwa Versailles, I hope you are having a wonderful weekend, I wish you all the best. Thank you very much for adding me to your friend's list.


Konnichiwa Raven-san, I apologize, but I cannot see the Japanese version of your sentences. :roll: Here is a ultra-formal version of your text: (Please remember that there are several polite levels in Japanese, this one below is a very polite version) _Konnichiwa Versailles,_ __*ヴェルサイさまへ*__ *Versailles sama e,* _I hope you are having a wonderful weekend_ __*すてき な しゅうまつ を おすごしでしょうか?*__ *Suteki na shūmatsu o osugoshi desu shō ka?* (The Japanese literally translates as "Are you spending a wonderful weekend?" - but sounds more indirect and softer) _I wish you the best_ __*ごこううん を こころ から おいのり いたします。*__ *Go-kōun o kokoro kara oinori itashimasu.* _Thank you very much for adding me to your friend's list._ __*わたくし を ともだち の リスト に ついか して いただき、 ありがとう ございました。*__ *Watakushi o "tomodachi no risuto" ni tsuika shite itadaki, arigatō gozaimashita.*

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