Traveling to Egypt


Hi there, do you have plans to travel to Egypt? Have you been there before? What did you like the best about your trip or what are you most looking forward to? Tell us your stories, we would love to hear from you. Amira


مرحبا بالجميع, My name is Haifa. I am a 24 year old Muslim from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I am a native Arabic speaker, although my father in law commands that i speak English in our house. I hoped to try to Learn English through this more easy than through an english programme because i can recognize the arabic words they teach and the english meanings. I would answer any questions about Arabic, Niqab, or Abaya that any might have. I will also answer any questions about our great kingdom, Saudi Arabia. May Allah be with you all, Haifa


Hello Haifa, Thank you for your post. It's always great to have someone else willing to help out with cultural questions that come up. There are many and having someone new is always great! :D


I would love to go to Egypt.. and I will some day. My a very beginner in Arabic,is that I hear that there is a difference between Egyptian arabic ,Moroccan arabic and Sirian arabic... Will I be able to converse anyways with people that are not from Egypt, with Egyptian arabic?


Hi there, Thanks for your post and question! Rocket Arabic teaches Egyptian Arabic as you know. Egyptian Arabic is understood in most Arabic speaking places due to the influence of the Egyptian media. It's the most widely spoken variety of Arabic. However, there are still differences between the Arabic spoken in different countries. You might find that people find it easy to understand you, but you might come across expressions and words that are unfamiliar to you. I hope this helps! Amira :)


ahlan wasahlan, I thought I have some basic knowledge about Arabic before but when i read from this Rocket Arabic sites I found notting in me. In short I never know that Allah will guide me to this wonderful sites. I am very happy and ready to learnig from this site......... only I dont know how to go back to my previous arabic writing leson to revise it. Please I found it difficult to pronounce A'in ghain in arabic alphabet


salama calaykum i fathima l like arabic its good language l want to speak in shalaah allah


Salamualaykum I'm currently trying to leanr the Arabic Language, in order that i may have a in depth understanding of the Holy Qu'ran (inshallah). I think that having a basic knowledge in arabic background will definately make the journey much easier for me. Although eyptian Arabic is not exactly what i'm looking for - but will provide me with enough words to understand the standard Arabic (fus7a) because apprently, the fus7a (standard) Arabic is very difficult to learn for someone that doesnt have Arabic as thier first language.


Ahlan Abubakar! ع (‘ayn or 3) and غ (ghayn or 3')are difficult letters to pronounce for non-Arabic speakers. It's really a matter of practise but don't worry too much about it, it takes time! Most Arab speakers will know what you are saying even if you don't have perfect pronunciation. Just remember that 'ayn comes from the back of the throat. It's kind of like the sound you'd make when you yell "ARGH!" Ghayn is more of a guttural sound and is easy if you can pronounce the French "R" as in "au revoir". I hope this helps - all the best with your Arabic!


Ahlan Aisha! Qur'anic Arabic is definitely very different from Egyptian Arabic. Fus7a is almost a science in itself! However, Rocket Arabic course will give you a good basis in Arabic in general and a bit more confidence as well ;) Do take note that the Egyptian dialect does pronounce some letters different to standard and fus7a Arabic (e.g. geem instead of jeem). So if you are learning to read the Qur'an, I would definitely recommend taking Qur'an recitation classes as well. Here's a great resource with more information on Arabic: I hope this helps, let me know if you need any help! Amira


اهلاوسهلا Yes, I have been to Egypt! I traveled there in Feb. 2010 and really loved it there so much so that I am hoping to go there again next year. I stayed in Cairo and saw all the sites (pyramids, Egyptian Museum, etc). I found it very fascinating there and really found the people there very friendly and hospitable. I was very fortunate in that I had a native of Cairo showing me around and helping me with buying souvenirs and such. It was a fabulous trip and I really look forward to going there again. There is an expression in Egypt that says "anyone who drinks from the Nile will return to Egypt". Of course, they only mean this figuratively, but in my case its true. I didn't literally drink from the NIle, but by being there I fell in love with it and eventually I hope to move there with the intention of teaching English.


Actually, this message is for HaifaSaudi. I will make you an offer if you are interested. I am a native English speaker (American) and I would be happy to help you with English if you help me with Arabic. I know you speak a different dialect than Egyptians, but that's ok. My only warning is that I am a male, so I am not sure if your husband or his family might object to you speaking with me (even if it is just for language exchange). But I make the offer anyway. I will understand if you can not accept. خدي بالك من نفسك


Hi like Arabic It is the most language i am targeting in to.


Ahlan Tory Thank you for sharing your experiences with us! Egypt is definitely a fabulous place and I'm not only saying that because I'm Egyptian ;) I hope you have the chance to teach there one day! - Amira


I have been to Egypt. I was there in May 2011 and found it amazing. I travelled all over Egypt exploring the Western Desert, cruised the Nile, Abel Simbal, Aswan, Luxor and Dahab. I only spent a couple of days in Cairo and am hoping to go back next April so I can explore the areas I have not been to as yet. I loved the food, the people they are so friendly and helpful and the history of the country. It was one of the best trips I have ever been on.


Ahlan Linda, Wow, that must have been a great trip! The food is definitely one of the best things about Egypt :) I hope you get a chance to go there again and have another great trip! - Amira




Hey , I'm planning on moving and living in egypt in about 4 years or so , I have absolutley no idea about what the culture will be like , though I do enjoy your culture lessons , they help so much! , though I was wondering if you could tell me a little of what to expect about the people I meet? , Or maybe some helpful tips how to make freinds, thank you ,: D


Don't forget when you go to Egypt to visit Alexandria the second city on the Nile delta. It it the home of the World famous library and the site of one of the seven original wonders the great Lighthouse.


I wish to learn Arabic so that I may know and understand the Quran first - I would like to travel to Egypt (Misr) and communicate, learn of the culture, the people, the food and even travel to other Arabic speaking places. Also, the mosque I have attended has Arabic speaking muslims and I would like to communicate or practice communication with them.


I visit Egypt regularly....hated Cairo ( sorry Amira) Luxor....visited Ismaliya where the shop assistant nearly fell over because I was the first "agnabaya" she'd seen in the flesh....... Loving the lessons...haviing trouble with some of the words as they seem to say things differently in Luxor...must be the accent :-)


I am a Christian by faith. I want to learn Arabic not only speak with native Arabic speakers but also read Holy Bible in Arabic. Though I have been in the Middle East for many years my trials with Arabic learning have not been successful earlier. I hope Rocket Arabic would change my perception. I know Arabic is a sweet language. I have been to Egypt 3 times on business but I had to manage the visit only with English. Egyptians are sweet people. I have many Arabic friends , I want to surprise them with my Arabic speaking ASAP..


I went to Egypt last summer and I met a lot of amazing people. I had already wanted to learn Arabic and fortunately it will be my 4th language so I hope to pick it up rather quickly. I have never studied Arabic before, but I plan to use Rocket Arabic along with 2 other courses that I purchased that came highly recommended. Anyhow, Egypt was great. I went to Cairo, then I took the train south to Aswan and then up to Luxor before heading back to Cairo. I am a backpacker and I always travel alone, so I did it on a skimpy budget and I found a lot of people who treated me extremely well from my first day in Egypt. Egypt was fascinating and pretty crazy at the same time. Anyone interested in reading more details about my trip, please feel free to visit my blog ( I would love to go back one day soon. I also went to Morocco as a part of the same trip, but Egypt made more of an impression on me. I am on my way to becoming an Arabic speaker!!!


Ahlan everyone - thanks for sharing your experiences! It's great to hear that so many Rocket Arabic learners have visited Egypt or at least plan to. Good luck with your Arabic! - Amira


Ahlan wa sahlan Amira! :D went to egypt last was beautiful. Im planning to go back this year, but learn more Arabic first. Found this website to be tremendously beneficial ! I have a quick Q Amira.does this make sense: Ana bet7ib il amakin il asareeya fee Masr? pls let me know? thankss.


Marhaban, I will go to Egypt again because it is very nice there ..I hope this year i will visit Sharm and i will try to learn a little of Arabic too. Salam.


Hi Miss Dol, My apologies for the late reply - can you tell me what you're trying to say by "Ana bet7ib il amakin il asareeya fee Masr"? - Amira


Ahlan wa sahlan Amira I am planning to go to Egypt next January with a group of my friends, so I am very excited to learn some Egyptian phrases before I go. We intend to start in Cairo and then fly to Aswan, take in a few markets and Abu Simbel, then do a Nile cruise to Luxor, then back to Cairo. Hopefully we will get to stay at the beautiful Mena House near the Pyramids and explore a bit of the old Cairo before we have to head back to Australia. I can't wait to eat some authentic Egyptian food and get speak to many native Egyptians (hopefully in understandable Arabic )) ) Thank you for you website, it is awesome, and the games are a lot of fun too. Shukran jazeelan, Ann


Ahlan Ann That sounds very exciting! I'm sure you'll have a great time there - do let us know how your trip went when you get back :) - Amira


i will like to be in egypt because i have interest in arabic


i thank almighty allah for giving this wonderful chance....i want to say jashakallah hiren for this beautiful web site..... Never before and never's very valuable for all brothers and sisters....


Ahlan wa sahlan ya Amira, am very grateful for helping me, may Allah bless u. My ambition is to learn arabic and and become a great scholar to promote Islam. So am offering both Warsh and Hafs and by Allah's Grace i rich a very high place am able to recite the Qur'an. Please sister Amira, can u provide me with translation in rare Arabic in my learning as i can pronounce the letters very well but can't understand. This my email: [email protected] My facebook page is: Bukari sumaila. May Allah bless u.


Ahlan Ismael, Unfortunately we only offer a beginners course for Egyptian Arabic so you will probably need to look for a more advanced course in Quranic or Fusha Arabic. If you would like to connect with us on Facebook, you can like our page here: Good luck!


Ahlan Masooo19, Iyyaakum! I'm glad to hear you are enjoying Rocket Arabic :)


Ahlan yaa Amira, So excited as the trip I told you about in May is about to be a reality in two weeks! Will be heading off to Cairo in early January and am absolutely looking forward to learning more Arabic from people I meet along the way - and eating my way from north to south and back again! Thanks for your site - I am sure I will remember many things I have learned when I get there. I will let you know about my adventures in February. Shukran, Ann


Ahlan Ann, How did you trip go? We'd love to hear all about it! :)


Assalamu Alaikum Amira! My name is Keyatta and I am from America. I am very interested in visiting Egypt someday. I am learning Arabic because my ancestors were muslims and they spoke Arabic and most were from Egypt. ;) also i love listening to Arab-Music!!! I like listening to Dima Bashar and Raghad Al-Wazzan and Hala Al Turk very much!! Please if you don't mind, can you tell me a little about Egypt and what you do in your regular daily lifes and about the weather these days in Egypt? :)


Wa alaykum salam Keyatta, It's great to hear you are learning Arabic! Language & music area great ways to explore your roots :) The weather is starting to warm up in Egypt these days - you should take a trip to Egypt one day, it's a wonderful place!


Ahlan Amira, I am so happy I found this wonderful course. I just came back form Cairo a week ago. I stayed for 2 weeks on a houseboat. Guess I fell in love with the friendly people over there. First time back in November/December 2012 I was on a cruise from Luxor to Aswan and made some friends there...also with an Egyptian couple. I am in touch with my friends in Cairo and have met them recently. I went on my own and felt very safe and especially very welcome. It was a great experience. Since my first travel to Egypt I set myself a challenge and started to learn Arabic. I am a German speaker and speak Italian, English, some Spanish and French too...but this language is very different from the ones I learnt I need to repeat much more in order to remember it. It is a wonderful language and I hope to improve quickly as I would like to have some small conversation when I revisit Egypt end of this year. I might even decide to live there one it is very important to me that I do well with this course.


Ahlan Dunja, It sounds like you had a great trip! Arabic is quite different from the European languages you already speak so it can be difficult - but very rewarding :) Let us know how you go with practicing your Egyptian on your next trip - good luck!


Would the Egyptian Arabic that is taught here be understood in Morocco? I am studying French at the moment but would love to study Arabic in the future. I visit Morocco occasionally so would like to speak some Arabic as well as French while i am there.


Hi SisterLuna, Egyptian Arabic is understood in most Arabic speaking places due to the popularity of Egyptian media. It's the most widely spoken variety of Arabic. The Moroccan dialect is quite different from Egyptian as it is French influenced. You might find that people find it easy to understand you, but you might come across expressions and words that are unfamiliar to you. If you decide to buy the course we offer a 60 day guarantee, so you have up to 60 days to test the course to see if it is right for you. I hope that helps!


I had no trouble in Morocco with my Egyptian Arabic, although there some differences in pronunciation.


Hey, I went yo Egypt last month and it was fantastic in Cairo. Being careful and being with my Egyptian friends it was a good time and I'll be going back for more! Didn't speak too much Arabic but it was good enough in some situations. Egypt is such a lovely country. :3


I hope to travel to Cairo in 2014 to practice my skills and advance my understanding of both the Arabic language and Arab culture and customs. I am studying hard these next few weeks and months to advance rapidly and to be able to go with a certain level of confidence. It's especially my knowledge conversational Arabic (Egyptian) that I want to deepen.


Ahlan wa Sahlan Ya Amira, Ana Sajin, Min Al hind. I have visited Egypt in 2008 during Eid time. i must say its a wonderful country with beautiful cities like Cairo and Alexandria. My trip was very small for 7days so covered cairo, alexandria and visited suiz canal. It was a wonderful trip. I am looking forward to visit places like Luxor and aswan, and have a complete Nile cruise from cairo till Luxor. regards Sajin.


Hi I am RAHMA from Algeria i am a native Arabic speaker if any one wants a help with his Arabic language i'll be happy to help (him/her) :)


I'm going to Egypt this summer. I'm really looking forward to it and the trip's certainly a great excuse to study Arabic even harder :)


أهلآ بكم , I am planning to travel to Egypt in the next few weeks !!, my goal is to learn Fusha, but Amayya is very important and I absolutely love the trial version with Rocket Languages - I am testing since last night, Quick question to Amira or anyone who can advice... Should I learn Amayya and Fusha at the same time? will it be taking a risk of confusing both dialects? or should I do the Fusha (Classical) and later Amayya? Thanks! Naeem


I spent a month in Egypt with friends I met while studying with Egyptian study partners that I met on FaceBook groups. I stayed with them in their homes and was treated with the awesome Egyptian hospitality. They also have come to visit me in my home in Pennsylvania. We continue to chat and study on FaceBook and Skype, and I have become part of the family. In this digital age, so much is possible for learning languages and other's cultures. I am very happy on Rocket Languages Egyptian. Thank you so much for helping me with my 3ameeya. When my friends chat on FB they type 3ameeya and since I am a fuS7a student, I get lost, so with this program's help, I will succeed in my chats on FB <3

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