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TV news


Hi all, Does anyone know whether the news are broadcasted in spoken Arabic or in fus7a? And more specifically, if I master the Egyptian Arabic will I be able to follow al-jazeera etc? Best wishes, Firat


Ahlan Firat, It depends on which station you are watching but in general news presenters would be speaking in proper Arabic. However, if you master the Egyptian dialect, you shouldn't have too much trouble understanding fus7a :) Good luck! - Amira


I am quite sure Al-Jazeera is understandable with a knowledge of Egyptian Arabic. I don't know any news in fus7a.


alJazeera is using the al fus7a for sure. i guess most news using fus7a Arabic


All news broadcasts are in fuS7a, but when they interview people on the street, these people almost always speak 3ameeya (colloquial Arabic), but it won't always be Egyptian as there are other dialects, depending on who they are interviewing.

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