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Dear Amirah I am a new user and ave just started with the Arabic lessns. I am howeveran expat living in Bhrain, and realise that the lessons teach Egyptian Arabic. Is this a problem fo me? I am very keen to start practicing with my local colleagues.Is there any way we could include some Gulf content or GulfSpecific phrases?


Hi there, thank you for your post. It would be great if you could share some typical expressions that are used in the Gulf region. Have you already picked up some sentences and sayings that are typical? It would be great if you shared them with us. Amira


I've been studying ECA now for almost 3 years and have been to the UAE (where they speak Gulf Arabic as well) twice during that time. I'd say the only problems you'll have will be if you understand them. Everyone there always understood all I was saying! In fact, it was often quite fun because I sounded like "a television star" since all of their television and music is done in Egyptian Colloquial Arabic. But even the differences I learned quickly and really most of them are no more than differences in the U.S. Someone in the south might call their father "daddy" while someone in New York would always say "father." That sort of thing. Hope that helps! 8-)


Ahlan! Thanks for that feedback noelgreen! Egyptian Arabic is definitely quite a distinct accent of Arabic. But as you say, it is quite popular because of Egyptian television and Quicksmile shouldn't have a problem being understood. Quicksmile - have you been able to communicate with the locals well? It would be great to hear how it's going ;) - Amira


Salam! I have a similar question- I will be going on a mission to Palestine (well, technically Israel) in March and I have Palestinian relatives there... I am worried that they will not understand this Egyptian 'dialect,' just as one of the doctors I work with who is Palestinian cannot understand another Syrian doctor's Arabic because he has such a strong Assyrian 'accent' in terms of speaking Arabic. I know it varies from country to country but I want to make sure I am understood and can understand when I travel to Palestine! Shukran jazeelan! :) Tali


Salam Tali! Sorry for the late reply. It would really depend on how familiar your relatives are with Egyptian Arabic. Typically most Arabs would understand the Egyptian accent but even if they don't, I'm sure they would get the general idea of what you're trying to say. In any case, the course would help familiarize you with Arabic in general. I hope this helps - good luck! - Amira


hi I want learn arabic


please give me some tips to learn arabic language in a easyway and to remember all this


Hi Syeda, Have you checked out My Motivation in the Rocket Toolbox? There are plenty of learning tips there. If you're looking for more lessons you can check out our full Rocket Arabic course here: I hope that helps!


thanks amira for the link above!


Ahlan Amira how to correctly pronounce the Kha and all the other Arabic letters distinct fro. English 

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