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ba2aly, badress, and betdress



What do these three mean? ba2aly, badress, and betdress, I know maybe it's not the best way to learn is by picking at each word and finding the meaning but I'm curious and can't seem to find the answer when I click the ABC thing



Hello Victoria,

- "ba2aly": بقالي

   The word "ba2aly" means: "for", "since" or "ago" in English language, or to express that you are doing a something for a period of time and still do it. For example:

   - Ana badress ba2aly sanateen = I have studied for two years
   - Ana bakteb elwageb ba2aly sa3teen = I have written the homework for 2 hours

   It is just like the "Present Perfect tense" or "Present Perfect Continuous" in English language. The both are used to express actions that began in the past and are still going on at the present.

- "badress" and "betdress": بدرس - بتدرس

   badress = I study

   betdress = She studies


   - Ana badress englizi = I study English language.

   - Heya betdress 3araby = She studies Arabic language

I hope it is usefull and clear.

Thank you!



thank you!



You are welcome!

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