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yalla bina VS yalla niro7


ahlan bekum! is it meaning of "yalla bina" the same as "yalla niro7" ? what difference?


Hello Andrey, Hope you are fine.. - The expression "yalla niro7" specifically means that we will go to somewhere, or suggest going to somewhere. For example: 1- yalla niro7 elcinema. it means: "Let's go to the cinema" 2- yalla niro7 elmadrasa. it means: "Let's go to school" 3- yalla niro7 elnady. it means: "Let's go to club" - But the expression "yalla bina" means that we will do something, maybe that we will go to somewhere or to do anything else in our place. For example: 1- yalla bina nezaker delwaqty. it means: "Let's study now" 2- yalla bina nebtedy elkors. it means: "let's start the course" 3- te7eb niro7 elcinema? - Ok, yalla bina. it means: "Do you like to go to the cinema?" - "OK, let's go" Kind regards


almost the same but yalla bina" i= lets us "yalla niro7 = lets go


أسمع الكلمات دي كل وقت

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