Cheapest Airfares to China


Hi, Does anyone know the cheapest way to China from Ireland? I had a look on the Internet but the air fares I cam across seem expensive. My wife and I are hoping to go to Beijing next summer but were checking prices for this summer to get an idea as to prices.


This year fares may bear little or no resemblance to fares next year however as a frequent traveller to Asia you may want to try some of my little fare reduction tips. Instead of looking at a direct flight from your departure point to Beijing try going on line to Expedia (or another travel site). Look at a round trip fare to another Asian destination and then from there look up intra-Asia fares to Beijing. I travel from the San Francisco to Malaysia frequently, round trip SFO to Penang is about $1,500 but if I book two tickets Round Trip SFO to Hong Kong for the beginning and end dates of my trip and Round Trip Hong Kong to Penang I can generally reduce the fare to less than $1,100. You could pick many en-route destinations and find the best combinations. the only thing you need to be careful about is timing so that you leave enough time between flights to make a stress free transfer. Another option woulf be to book round trip to Hong Kong, take the ferry direct from the airport to Shenzhen and then take a Chinese domestic flight from Shenzhen to Beijing.


I would go on they usually find the best prices out of any. the customization of picking the locations and date flexibility is really helpful as well


In use ORBITZ and they work fine!


pretty old thread here, but my two cents: google "student airfare" and the first results page will have quite a few good websites for booking tickets. In addition, most do not ask whether you indeed are a student


Spring Airlines, in short. However, the service is TERRIBLE, and EVERY SINGLE TIME you buy a ticket, it's almost GUARANTEED to be delayed. Caveat emptor.


大家好! I have often used a website called skyscanner which seems to be fairly good and often you can find some very cheap deal. For example, a few months ago I found a 200 euro flight from Shanghai to Paris!!! It pays to be vigilant! There are always good deals out there! - Lin Ping

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