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Well, I have been searching for some classical or traditional Chinese music to listen to as I work on my Mandarin lessons. I haven't met much success just searching the internet, but did get a couple albums by Lei Qiang but I would like to add some diversity to it. Also, any music that is more modern would be cool too. Genre doesn't really matter to me, I can get into all different kinds. Thanks!


Most of the music native's have given me are very modern or children-songs, here are a few: You can listen to more from the Related Videos panel.
marieg-rocket languages

marieg-rocket languages

Hi Danny321,

Thank you for your interests in learning Chinese! Learning a new language through music and songs is a great idea, and here are a few compilations and links where you can find iconic Chinese pop music.

As YouTube is banned in China, this playlist consists of 100+ classic pop songs from Taiwanese singers. You can either choose simplified Chinese in its CC subtitles, or copy-paste the lyrics to Google Translate.

QQ Music is an easy way to get your hands on a mix of Chinese music, mostly songs. If you have trouble reading the webpage (since it’s all in Chinese), just give any random thumbnails a try, and let yourself be surprised!

千千 (Qianqian) is more similar to a KTV/karaoke experience, where they provide you with the lyrics. It doesn’t have as many options as QQ, but will work great if you really want to grab each character for some extra practice.

A personal favorite Chinese singer is 王菲 (Faye Wong), whose discography throughout the decades can easily be found on YouTube & Spotify. And since she comes from Beijing, her pronunciation will be perfect for someone learning Mandarin Chinese.

We wish you a great adventure with Chinese music and Chinese learning!

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