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Chinese Music


Does anyone know some good Chinese music. I like the classical and folk music with the erhu and stuff like that but it would be cool to find some more modern music, like indie bands, rap, punk, electronic, or rock. Suggestions? I know Lin likes to go to the clubs from lesson 4.4


This youtube video got some good chinese music. Or just search for good chinese music at youtube. Also you should search for [chinese children song] at google. When I searched on this I found 泥娃娃 which is a song that probably is made for small girls. However you learn a couple new words by learning the lyrics. However I normally do not favoritize songs or bands if you should be looking for something special.


Here is a link to a popular Chinese video site.


how can i learn chinese more easily???


Eric. You have picked the easiest way to learn Chinese with Rocket Chinese.


我挺高兴! This forum should have a "like" button like they do on Facebook because I would like to "like" Alan's comment above! :) 继续努力吧!Keep up the hard work everyone! - Lin Ping

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