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Chinese Names


Tiko, Ki Lan, Shiko, Shak Ra, Cheni, Chena, Kedoy, Conna.


Chinese name for Laura


Hi Laura, Unfortunately there it is hard translate names as they do not translate directly. However, a good option could be 劳拉 láo là. I hope you like it. Of course there are always many options and you should keep searching until you find the one that you like the most! Happy studies, - Lin Ping


ni hao my name is masood mousavi. and i like to have a chinese name too. please tell me what is my name in chinese. xie xie


Does your name have a certain meaning?


Pardon my warped sense of humour Lin but I see a great challenge there!!!!! Barry Hartley (里 辈瑞) Do you have a better suggestion?


No hao Ping Laoshi Wo jiao CAROLYN. How would this be written and spoken in Chinese please? Xie xie


你好!Hello Carolyn, I have found a Chinese translation for your name which would be written as: 卡罗琳 Kǎluōlín I hope that you like this name. 再见 - Lin Ping


ni hao.. how about my name jantera, is there any chinese name? have you ever heard before this name? hehe i'be waitng... xie xie


Dear lin i have bean trying to replie to your E-mail?with no luck-errer on the page


Ni hao, What about Edward or Eddie - is there a Chinese equivalent?


你好 Jantera, I am sorry but I am not aware of any common translation for your name. To be honest I have never heard this name before either, where may I ask does it come from? 珍特饶 zhēntèráo does however have a nice ring to it. 再见


你好 Eddie Edward - 爱德华 àidéhuá Eddie - 艾迪 àidí These are the most common translation for your name. I hope you like them. 再见


i wanna like to learn and speak chines.I'm the beginner for chains language but i do have a great tendency to communicate by this language,so please help me any one who is speaking chines language.thank you!


Ni hao, I have started learning chinese. Thanks Rocket team. Lin - Is there a chinese equivalent of my name "Vishal'. It's an Indian name, which means "big" or "huge". xiexie Vishal


Ni hao! My name is Keyatta. how would you say that in Chinese? :)


Hello Lin! My name is Musica. It's derived from the English word, music. Are there any acceptable translations for my first name? xie xie


hi Lin My name is Lorato which means love what do you call it in chinese


I got my first chinese name from the internet, (wei jia de), but found out it was too different from chinese. Now my name is 西瓜 which means water melon. Got inspiration from a chinese guy, whom had the english name Bacon.


My name is Alan. Can you tell me what my Chinese name is?


My name is Austin. I would also like to know what my Chinese name is?


大家好! Picking a Chinese name is something that is completely up to you. There some transliterations for popular western names but in my opinion you should choose a name not based on what your current name sounds like but how you would like to be represented when you present yourself in China. Here is a website that can give you a name based on your name, age and how you would like to be viewed. Another thing to remember in Chinese is that names are far more flexible in Chinese than in different cultures. Therefore, you shouldn't be worried about picking a word that is "wrong" because that simply doesn't exist in China. I hope this helps and 加油! - Lin Ping


My Chinese friends advised against a "translated" name so I went to a Chinese name expert and had her suggest a few options. They typically ask a lot of questions about your personality, family, interests and have your name reflect somewhat your inner self. Then I had my Chinese friends help me choose from the suggested names. Settled on 贺升龙 which I have used on business and socially and certainly in my Chinese class.


My Chinese friend calls me something like "Jennie," which I think is a transliteration of my name. I pronounce it like Jean, but "Jennie" is okay, since most of my friends call me Jeannie. I like the way the Chinese give names to their children that mean something nice. I've met Chinese girls whose names mean flower, star, much beloved, grace, and other things like that.


大家好! I have to say I agree with you Jeanne. I do very much enjoy the freedom and creativity that is put into the choosing of a Chinese name. Although depending on the region and family you are from, sometimes there can be certain "rules" that people prefer to adhere to but by and large it can be very liberal. English on the other hand seems to have a very rigid set of names to choose from and although it happens from time to time, it is still seen as bizarre to call your child 'apple', 'shadow', 'sunshine' etc. Keep up the good work! - 加油! - Lin Ping


my name is Maha. it does have meaning in Arabic,Hindi,Spanish. when I saw this post i said to my self let check it its had Chinese one lol


You might consider 妈 哈 ma1 meaning Mom or Mother and ha meaning laughter.


Barryh, Thank you soo much ..


What would the Chinese name for Austin?

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