Cultural Question: Business Cards


Is it bad etiquette to write on the back of a Chinese business card?  I am going to a large conference in China and want to make notes and write  prices  about the products they show me?


From my experience Business cards should always be treated with respect. Notes should always be made on something other than a Business card.



Yes, barryh is right. Business cards are an important symbol of one's position and place in business and society and hold far more significance that they do in other countries. Business cards should also always be received with two hands to show respect and appreciation of the gesture and the same applies when giving them to potential clients. I would strongly suggest that you simply take a notepad if you need to take notes.

I hope this helps and 加油!

   -   Lin Ping


This is good to know.  I will keep that in mind when my Chinese colleagues give me their business cards, and where I work that is the majority.  Also, I always take time to read the business card that I just received.

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