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Can anyone recommend some good Mandarin-spoken films? I'd like movies something like "Beijing Bicycle"... the type with deep themes that give insight into modern day-to-day life. Hearing a lot of native speaking will no doubt be good for pronunciation too. Cheers


Hi there, I will have a think about that and ask Lin. I'm sure she knows some good movies.


If you like Wang Xiaoshuai, who is the director of Beijing Bicycle, you should do a search on him on Google. He has done a few films that are probably worth seeing. His most recent one is The Summer Palace. Enjoy




tu la


cctv is now available on the internet so you be a good place to listen and learn


ni hao ma!


can any one recomended me cultural movie in mandarin


Wow, I appreciate your taste. 对不起,我不知道。dui bu qi, wo bu zhi dao. ( sorry I do not know).  Font suddenly goes funny, see, I do not know many things either.  Happy learning everyone.

Oggiedoggy Along the left side it also says what each category is in English, and then they have a list on the right side of each category. Go to the "movies" section there and 看一看! If you find something you like then just copy paste the name of the movie into Baidu search followed by 下载 and you should be able to find it! 林萍: 哈哈这个毛病我也遇到过. 键盘上, 按住shift键同时按下空格键然后在输入方式选择菜单上, 能看见全圆形变成半圆形就可以了!! And English not to leave anyone out: Press shift+space if this problem happens I most definitely would have to second the CCTV online recommendation. They often have movies on during the evening and most are good.


Many thanks Oggiedoggy! You are truely being very helpful !


Ni hao ma .I have always wanted to learn 2 speak chinesse hope in the next few months i wl be able 2 understand it .thank you Ling Ping .Xiexie


I dont know if this will help or not but their have been some recent movies where the actors/actresses speak in chinese but there are english subtitles. Such as: Jump!, Ip Man 1 &2. Hope that helps. Zai jian! Hope you have a great day! ---Selena


Thank you, Oggie Doggie, for sharing good information. I have bookmarked that site and will play there after I spend a good amount of studying.

Merrie-H I took a peek this morning. Just being flabbergasted by all the content on their homepage ... It helped me remember I'm here to learn a language, too .... Off to studies. Zai Jian


Hi there, Thanks again Oggiedoggy for your help. I think watching movies is an important part of learning a language, not to mention fun. Therefore, I would like people to start posting their favorite Chinese films so that others may also find and watch them as well as share their thoughts. I shall start. My favorite Chinese film is <<Bodyguards and Assassins>>, otherwise known as 十月围城 in Chinese. Keep up the good study and share your favorite Chinese movies! - Lin Ping


A couple of my favorite Chinese films are 画皮 Huà Pí (Painted Skin) & 风声Fēngshēng(The Message). Mainly because Zhōu Xùn 周迅 is one of my favorite actresses. She was also in the movie Beijing Bicycle, mentioned by the original poster


I'm a fan of kung fu movies. There are a million of them and they usually use really simple phrases. They are a riot!


bi-ai-sheng is always a good place to begin looking. Also, if you are in China you can go to the website There are many movies on there. I hope this helps.

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