Please translate


Khana, pani our soona may, manush pasu saman hote hi (I'm not sure if I have this correct but I am trying to say eating, drinking and sleep is common to man and animals) Thanks, Peetam


Namaste Peetam, there are several ways to say the above lines- something on the lines of "Manushya aur pasu main khana, pani aur soona saamanya hai", or on the lines of "Khana, pani aur sona, manushya aur pasu main samaan hota/hote hai", or on the lines "Khana, pani aur sona, manushya aur pasu main saamanya hai" ... so as you can see there are various ways to say the same thing.. manush is hindi for man, but in general speaking terms, manushya is normally used.

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