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Private tuition while living in a Chinese family


Hi there, I would love to spent 4 to 5 weeks in China during this spring/summer and receive private tuition while living in a Chinese family and taking part in social life. Does anyone know where one can get that? Best regards, Roman


This question is interesting for me as well. Furthermore, if anyone has an answer, can you please comment on learning in Kunming. Best regards, Alex


Hi Alex, I did some internet research and found a language school in Kunming that provides one-to-one tuition and accommodation in a Chinese host family. Please check out Cheers, Roman


You should also look at I used this last summer to get to Beijing. Didn't get any big problems. Good experience.


I currently live in Tianjin. There are lots of options available to you although some are quite expensive. I have lots of Chinese friends here who would "jump at the chance" of having an English speaking foreigner living with them, so that they may improve their own English. In this area I can also put you in touch with Chinese teachers. contact me via email - [email protected] if u want further information and I will see what I can organise for you.

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