saying Thank-You in China


I have been in china for almost two and a half years and it seems when we got for dinner, I am he only-one who says thank-you to our server. When my Chinese wife's mother does me a favor, I say thank-you, her response is "BuYao" I probably say thank-you to my wife a couple dozen times a day! So I asked my Chinese nephew who speaks English quite well about it ! He told me close friends and family do not say thank-you, it is understood, you would do the same for them! He also said you don't thank, those, who are doing their job, for doing their job! Is this common through-out China or is it by region or city? My mother was and owner operator of Nursery School in America, please and thank-you were driven into me, like waking-up, it's just auto! I have tried!!! not to say thank-you but it's like breathing !!


I agree! I always say Thank you. It is appreciated everywhere.


I was told, saying Thank-you to close friends and family in china, you are distancing yourself from them and Insulting them !


Im an American and live in China. Most of the people dont care if you say thank you. But being from the south I always say it and these people laugh at me. Its kind of funny.


大家好! Saying thank you never hurts, especially if you are a foreigner. It is true that if you say it to close friends that it can be a sign of distance between you two because it is generally expected that you should be so close to your friend that saying thank you is unnecessary. However, if in doubt, say it! 希望这有帮助! I hope this is helpful! - Lin Ping

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