where is the bathroom ?


if you ask for the bathroom in China, "xishoujian zai na ma" they will think you are asking to shower ! and it is pronounced " xizaojian" ! If you need to use the toilet, ask for the toilet, ce suo zai na ma.


That is true but depending on which part of China and whether it is a village or an airport. I have just returned from a few weeks in Zhongshan (southern China) where there is a mix of Cantonese and Mandarin. Most can speak both. I was staying with friends who speak no English and when exploring the city on my own found that it is then one is rewarded for the time and effort applied to chinese learning. So, for those just starting out...you will go through highs and lows but stick with it.


Strange they'd say that. It literally means "washing hands room". Side note: you don't need the MA when you are asking a WH question (where, when, why, etc).


In my experience I ask, WC? Never fails!


i just to study chines with u i wonder the world i want to call u when i free time


I think it might be this: Wǒ yǒu kòng de shíhou zài gěi nǐ dǎ diànhuà. 我有空的时候在给你打电话。


thank for answer but i want have question i want to work at university about Agriculture in Chinese .


University = Dàxué (大学) Agriculture = nóngyè (农业) So I am guessing that studying agriculture at university is Dàxué nóngyè 大学农业


hi! teacher thank for ur answer i know about the world WC,Oyster mushroom in the further i want to open own farmer that oyster mushroom and vegetable.


The word for toilet is ce suo


From my readings, cèsuǒ (厕所) is the more explicit way of referring to toilets. The word mǎtǒng (马桶) refers to the actual toilet bowl, i.e. commode. Hotels and restaurants will call it either xǐshǒujiān or guànxǐshì.


大家好! Yes, the most common way of asking for the toilet is saying: 洗手间在哪儿?You may also say 厕所在哪儿 but it is preferred that you say 洗手间. It is not that 厕所 is rude but it is just more discrete to say 洗手间. 有帮助吗? Did this help? - Lin Ping

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