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If you have some questions or want to share some feedback about your course, there’s a good chance a fellow learner has had the same idea! You can take a look at some of the latest posts to see if your question has already been answered, or share your thoughts with the Rocket Chinese teachers and learners by posting your comments at the bottom of the page.

Mandarin handwriting, please!

A problem I have been running into is that it is hard to get much handwriting practice - with writing the strokes in the correct order. Are there any websites that you would guide me to that are free and I don't have to make an account for?   I think the Forum here is very helpful, even when...

1 reply - Last post by Eleanor-Rocket-Chinese-Tutor -
Dec 14, 2018

Not really Chinese

In fact, this isn't really about language learning, but it's got under my skin, and if I don't get an answer to it I'll never be able to learn using Rocket Chinese. :cry: Lin's English-speaking partner (and I hope it isn't too rude to say that his speech in Chinese really isn't up to scratch)...

16 replies - Last post by howard -
Nov 27, 2018

Printing Lessons

Hello, I'm new to Rocket Chinese so please bear with me if this question has been answered. I have downloaded MP3's from lesson 1 in support of an upcoming business trip, but it would be very useful to be able to download and print the lesson text/transcript. Listening while on the go is very...

5 replies - Last post by marieg-rocket languages -
Sep 24, 2018

Error in quiz 14.5, question #3

Hello, I'd like to suggest a correction to the quiz question #3 in lesson 14.5. The error:  红包 (hóngbāo) is listed twice; as follows -    What is the money that children receive during the Spring Festival called?  新年钱 (xīnnián qián)  红包 (hóngbāo)  红包...

3 replies - Last post by Eleanor-Rocket-Chinese-Tutor -
Aug 25, 2018

Rocket Record Transcribing Western Digits Instead of Characters

Sometimes when recording myself saying a number in Chinese, Rocket Record will jot it down as digits instead of Chinese characters. This isn't much of a problem except the digits are counted as incorrect, so I'm not sure if it's a bug or if I'm pronouncing something wrong that's both causing it...

0 replies - Last post by Tim2029 -
Aug 7, 2018

Flashcard settings in app

One of the features I find very useful is being able to set the front and back of the flashcards. Before the app was updated, I could also use this feature on my phone. Will this be coming back anytime soon? Or is it available and I just haven't figured out how to adjust the settings? It works...

4 replies - Last post by Sū shān -
Jul 7, 2018

how do you set up pinyin on your computer?

你好!I have already set up an input method for the characters, but I cannot figure out how to  make it so that I can write the tones. Does someone know how to help me? 谢谢 Erubar

6 replies - Last post by Eleanor-Rocket-Chinese-Tutor -
Jul 2, 2018

The tones chart is awesome!

你好! I just want to say that the tones chart helps a whole lot. English is a super weird, non-tonal language, so it's really hard to really learn how to recognize the tones, and even harder to say them, so the tones chart helps a lot. I hope that it will help and has helped other people as...

1 reply - Last post by Eleanor-Rocket-Chinese-Tutor -
Jul 2, 2018

handwriting, please

你好! Can anyone tell me where to find handwriting sheets? I've looked online, but can't really find any. Can someone help me? 谢谢! Erubar

5 replies - Last post by Erubar -
Apr 11, 2018

中 was sounding like 天!?

I was doing WriteIt! in the tones lesson and the word was zhong, but I guess there was a glitch, because when I listened to it, it sounded like tian. Please fix that. 谢谢! Erubar P.S. I did it a second time and it worked. =)

0 replies - Last post by Erubar -
Mar 26, 2018

tones problem

您好! I was doing Write It! in the tones lesson, and the first one I had was 二. I did the correct tone, but it was really weird, because it showed that it was wrong, but then it showed the exact same tone for it as the correct one. I thought it really funny, but you might want to fix it,...

0 replies - Last post by Erubar -
Mar 12, 2018

Speech Recognition Not Working

Hey everyone, I've been using Rocket Languages for several months and suddenly speech recognition stopped working.  Every time I try to record, it comes back with the error 'I'm sorry I didn't catch that. Please try again'.  I have emailed Rocket about this but haven't received any actual...

5 replies - Last post by Erubar -
Mar 1, 2018

Incorrect Chinese character in lesson 19.4

In 19.4 the wrong character is used in the Extra Vocabulary as shown below. 蝉 chán Zen The pinyin and English transitions are correct.  The expected Chinese characters are: 禅 or (traditional) 禪.    

0 replies - Last post by nóng fū -
Dec 3, 2017

Level 3 Survival Audi download

Platinum level 3 - Will there be  audio downloads for the survival kit lessons ?

1 reply - Last post by marieg-rocket languages -
Nov 6, 2017

Chinese Platinum: Level 3 pulldown problems.

When running Chrome and using Platinum: Level 3 Survival Kit Lesson pulldown menu I often have trouble accessing the menu items displayed in the pulldown.   As I move the cursor to make the selection, the menus transition.  This seems to only be a problem for Platinum: Level 3.

7 replies - Last post by marieg-rocket languages -
Oct 31, 2017

pinyin for 这样

In the vocabulary section of Rocket Chinese 1 7.1 Talking About the Weather, the pinyin for 这样 is given as zhè yàn instead of zhè yàng, which seems wrong.

1 reply - Last post by Lin-Ping -
Oct 29, 2017

Interactive audio lessons

Is there something wrong with Rocket Chinese? I can't access my interactive audio lessons. The Conversation has been completely omitted.

4 replies - Last post by Lin-Ping -
Oct 29, 2017

Traditional characters requested

Hi RocketChinese Team, I started with my chinese training here 4 years ago. I studied around half a year with RocketChinese.  I was quite satisfied with my progress, than I entered a language school in Taipei. I very soon realised I need to start from beginning, and could not make much use of...

3 replies - Last post by Lin-Ping -
Oct 29, 2017

Rocket Chinese Platinum

Thank you for creating this. As soon as I got the email I bought it. There is lots of good stuff in it. Now in the future, please consider making some Travelogue series like you did for Spanish and Russian.

6 replies - Last post by handyman -
Aug 1, 2017

Lesson marks

Hi! When I mark the three last writing lessons in module one done, it says that I am done in the lesson but when I go to the dashboard they are still marked as unfinished. As a result of the course says that I am only 94 % finished with module 1 . Can this be fixed?

1 reply - Last post by marieg-rocket languages -
Jul 17, 2017

Rocket test on mobile?

Hi! I wonder if it is possible to access the Rocket module test from your app?

1 reply - Last post by marieg-rocket languages -
Jul 4, 2017

How fast do you progress / How long does it take to to complete the "level 1" package?

I just started a week ago and am curious how fast I should achieve progress and finally how long it will take me to complete the premium level 1 package. Obviously it will depend on how much you study, how fast you learn, etc. But just wanted to hear from other students that have studied here...

0 replies - Last post by Ivo-G -
Jun 20, 2017

How to create flashcards?

How do i create flashcards please?

1 reply - Last post by jolietil -
May 29, 2017

Can translations be improved to avoid paraphrasing and use translations that match the characters used

There are a number of lessons where the translations are far different from the literal translation and are much more like a paraphrase-  so we end up cutting and pasting into translation programs to figure out the characters, but I think you should retranslate your lessons to be closer to the...

4 replies - Last post by Lin-Ping -
May 14, 2017

Lesson 2.9 - Tone Sanhi

This is a new lesson that was added recently. It has a lot of useful information in it. The one thing that bothers me, though, is that vocabulary in this lesson shows the adjusted Pinyin rather than what is conventionally written. I don't mind that in the explanatory text, but when I am doing...

1 reply - Last post by marieg-rocket languages -
Apr 11, 2017

transscript of voice recognition

the new voice recognition  is  helpful feature, but in Chinese there is one little "problem": it shows what it "heared" only in Hanzi. So, if you don't know the Hanzi, you don't know what was wrong in your spoken reply - tone or vocal or consonant or... If there were also a Pinyin...

15 replies - Last post by Ross-H7 -
Apr 8, 2017

Lesson 4.2 "Restaurant" Feedback

In this lesson, some of the English translations are a bit imprecise. xiǎng diǎn shénme cài? What do you want to have? A better translation would be "what dish would you like to order?" Zhè ge cāntīng yǒu shénme tèsè cài? Any special recommendation? A better translation would be...

1 reply - Last post by Robert-C7 -
Apr 4, 2017

Lesson 2.2 Feedback

Here are some examples from this lesson where the English translation does not exactly match what is being said in Chinese in lesson 2.2. Wǒ yào mǎi liǎngzhāng qù Běijīng de fēijīpiào。 I would like to book two tickets to Beijing. Should be “I would like to buy two (airline)...

3 replies - Last post by Robert-C7 -
Apr 4, 2017

Leaderboard not updating


1 reply - Last post by Robert-C7 -
Apr 4, 2017

Does anyone know how we can print out our MyVocab lists?

I've  been trying to get a print out of MyVocab list short of individually printing out each page one at a time from a screen print.  I have 65 pages and all sorts of other junk shows up. I tried exporting the list which is a .CSV file (???) Opening this with NotePad or WordPad produces junk...

1 reply - Last post by Lin-Ping -
Mar 12, 2017

testing in writing lessons

I like that you have added a Write It section in the writing lessons. It tests our ability to write Pinyin. Please consider adding a Native writing test as well where we can enter Hanzi.

5 replies - Last post by Robert-C7 -
Mar 4, 2017

lesson dialog and vocabulary not present

This is strange. When I go to a lesson, none of the dialogs and vocabulary are visible and none of the play buttons are visible. When I take a "Hear It" quiz, it does not play the audio for me to recognize.

2 replies - Last post by marieg-rocket languages -
Feb 27, 2017

Chrome English download

I am in Taiwan and when I down load Chrome it is in Indonesian language, though some in English. How do I get an all English version? I can not change the settings because they are in Indonesian.

1 reply - Last post by marieg-rocket languages -
Feb 15, 2017

Write it test on Android should allow Google pinyin keyboard Chinese character

I am trying to enhance Chinese read and write. Unfortunately the write it tests only accept pinyin with tones. If I use the Google pinyin input keyboard v I can quickly input the correct character, but your app will mark answer as wrong, even though I show the same character as the answer. I...

4 replies - Last post by Ross-H7 -
Jan 26, 2017

Is there a way to make on-screen keyboard and Chinese characters bigger?

Is there a way to make the on-screen keyboard and the Chinese characters bigger? Chinese characters are difficult to read even when they're large enough, but it's even tougher when they're small. Thanks, Scott

4 replies - Last post by nscottpalmer -
Jan 14, 2017

Has anyone else gotten stuck on a lesson?

I have tried over and over again to get past Chinese Level 1, Lesson 1.3, and I can't seem to do it. I simply can't remember the words. I've also gone over the lesson on time and dates several times. Does anyone have a suggestion for getting past a lesson you get stuck on (and consequently are...

11 replies - Last post by nscottpalmer -
Jan 14, 2017

writing lessons - please add a "write it in Hanzi"

The other lessons have "Write it in Hanzi" in the extra testing sections. The writing lessons only have the "write it (in Pinyin)". If you had a "write it in Hanzi", I can use the Google input tools to draw it.

3 replies - Last post by David K -
Oct 25, 2016

Rocket Chinese Travelogue

I am happy that Rocket Languages will be releasing a third level of Rocket Chinese in Q1 of next year. Recently they released Rocket Spanish Travelogue. Please consider doing this for Rocket Chinese as well. The travelogue series is kind-of like an audio book but filled with all of the normal...

2 replies - Last post by Robert-C7 -
Oct 23, 2016

Test1 of Custom Chinese Flashcards

I just created my first custom Chinese Flashcard, which appears to be the first of any.  It just has one care that says Chinese people.  I made it public so we can test the new sharing function.   Can someone please import it and see if it works for you?  It works fine for me. Thanks, David

2 replies - Last post by David K -
Oct 22, 2016

Record function will not end in Section 1.1 Play It

During a review of early lessons I find that when using the "record" function within the Play It section of  1.1  the record function will not turn off making it impossible to complete section.  One can exit but but not proceed to play-back. I know this same kind of error was correct in the...

2 replies - Last post by David K -
Oct 5, 2016

flashcards for writing sections

Some of the lessons don't have enough phrases to have flashcards.  That is unfortunate since some of the lessons have 3 or 4 words which is just shy of the 5 required.  One suggestion is to include those words in the next lesson's flashcards. I would also like to see a cumulative flashcard...

4 replies - Last post by Margaret-RocketLanguages -
Aug 15, 2016

New Error in Record Function: Will not stop recording.

Hi Rocket Software Team, In whatever upgrades you were working on this afternoon your programmer's appear to have introduced an error in the record function which will now not turn off. I'm using Firefox, and the error just occurred in the first lesson while I was starting a review.  Thank...

2 replies - Last post by Margaret-RocketLanguages -
Aug 15, 2016

Operating system and Web Browser for Rocket Record?

I use Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 11.  Does Rocket Record work with this operating system and web browser?

11 replies - Last post by Margaret-RocketLanguages -
Aug 14, 2016

flashcard completion glitch

I have worked through all of the flashcards in lesson 1.0 and marked them all easy and it still says I have 15 phrases to do and it is not colored green.  I also worked through the flashcards in lesson 1.12 and marked them easy and it is green.  It must be a glitch.  Hmmm.

3 replies - Last post by Margaret-RocketLanguages -
Aug 10, 2016

Will there be a Rocket Chinese level 3 ?

Will there be a Rocket Chinese level 3 ?

3 replies - Last post by Ian-W30 -
Jun 14, 2016

Members area

Where exactly is the "MEMBERS AREA?"  [email protected]

1 reply - Last post by marieg-rocket languages -
May 6, 2016

Voice recognition with numbers

The spoken Chinese portions have been driving me a bit nuts lately, specifically in the case of numbers. When there's a part that requires speaking a number, it will often times detect it as the number X rather than the character for the number then tell me it's incorrect. I'm a bit confused as...

3 replies - Last post by kevinyounger88 -
Apr 10, 2016

more on the flashcard glitch

OK - I just completed the flashcards for lesson 1.2.  First, I noticed I was not awarded the 25 points for completing the flashcard set.  Then when I returned to the main page, it still says I have 19 phrases to do as if I had done nothing.  So, it seems that occasionally the flashcard system...

2 replies - Last post by Robert-C7 -
Feb 1, 2016

Additional Testing for Lessons

The lessons currently have H (Hear It Say It), W (Write It), K (Know It), P (Play it) and Q (Quiz). In extra testing there is W2 (Write It In Hanzi) and P2 (Play it in Hanzi). There are three sets of skills I seek to master: listening, speaking, reading Hanzi, and writing Hanzi. H: spoken...

8 replies - Last post by avtencza -
Jan 25, 2016

Suggestion for the third Chinese course

I spend 3 - 4 hours every day listening to Rocket Chinese and after nearly two years of study (and living in Taiwan) my Mandarin listening and speaking have improved tremendously. Although, I live in a Mandarin speaking environment the opportunities to exercise the full range of my...

5 replies - Last post by Robert-C7 -
Jan 17, 2016

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