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New version Why Google Chrome? and Rocket Record not working now


What features in the new version do we miss out on by not having Google Chrome? Is one of them Rocket Record? Because Rocket Record worked fine for me before the new version. Now it no longer works. I'm not happy about having to switch to a new browser to continue studying Chinese. 


Hi Jeanne, 

Our apologies for any confusion caused. 
After the 2016 update, Rocket Record will work best for Chrome users, as this is the only browser that is advanced enough for the voice recognition software. The other browsers are catching up, but aren't quite there yet. 
Firefox & Edge will be able to record audio without pronunciation feedback (so similar to the previous version but without the need for Flash Player). All other browsers, including Safari, can only play the tutor’s audio.

I hope this helps!


The voice recognition feature is great but I suggest Rocket Languages also add a button, say on the left panel, to disable voice recognition and just let us record.  Then you can restore some of the older behavior that some people are pining for.  For instance, when doing Play It, many people including me, when I don't want to talk out loud, would prefer it to just go without waiting for voice input.


Hi Robert, 

Thank you for the suggestion - I have passed it onto the Development team. In the meantime, Firefox and Microsoft Edge function the way you have suggested (i.e. without the speech-to-text) if you want to try it out. I hope that helps!

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