Dental Terms


What is the correct way to say....?

 dental supplies

impression material

dental drill

dental instruments




Here are a few from my Chinese/English Visual Dictionary

Dentist - 牙医 (yáyī)
dental drill - 牙钻 (yázuàn)

It doesn't have any of the others listed above.



Dental supplies you can use: 牙医的医疗用品 (yáyī de yīliáo yòngpǐn)

Dental drill as Robert pointed out is indeed 牙钻 (yázuān)

Dental instruments is 牙医的器械 (yáyī de qìxiè)

As for impression material, are you able to give me more context or explain its exact purpose? Such specific vocab is often difficult do translate without a wider context.


  -   Lin Ping


Thank you!

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