"Good Morning" in Chinese



Edit: I asked another native speaker. She told me "你早" is an appropriate way to say "good morning," but it's colloquial.

Can anyone confirm if "你早" is actually correct?

The first lesson teaches "你早" as a way to say "good morning." However, I asked a native speaker if this is correct and she told me she never heard anyone say "good morning" this way. She told me "good morning" in Chinese is "早上好" or "早安."


I learned "早上好" through Rosetta Stone, though this literally means "good late morning". I think "早安" is what you would say early in the morning. I have my doubts about "你早". I believe that "早上好" is the best, most common, choice.



Yes, '你早' is a perfectly good way of saying good morning. Although, I would be more likely to use either '早安' or more simply ‘早’. I have heard some students of Chinese say that they don't like using ‘早’, because of it's brevity and the fact that it feels discourteous. However, don't worry about this. It is more likely to be used between friends, that is true but it is also a trait of Chinese to be brief. Keeping it short and sweet is what we like. 

Having said this, use what you feel comfortable with. These options are all appropriate and people will understand and respond all the same.

Keep up the good work!

   -   Lin Ping

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