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I just created a Custom Flashcard set of the First 25 Chinese Radicals, and another for Basic Strokes.

David K October 23, 2016, 6:57 am




Rúguǒ nín zài zì dìngyì shǎn kǎ bùfèn liúlǎn nǐ huì fāxiàn wǒ de dì yīgè 25 zhōngguó de jījìn pài hé suǒwèi de jīběn hànzì lìng yī gè wénjiàn bǐhuà.

Qǐng ràng nǐ zhǎodào tāmen, rúguǒ nǐ kàn dào rènhé cuòwù shì yǒuyòng de háishì wǒ.

Wǒ hái méiyǒu fāxiàn rúhé jìnrù yīnpín ne.

Zhù nǐ hǎo yùn

If you Browse in the Custom Flashcard section you should find my First 25 Chinese Radicals and another file called Basic Hanzi Strokes.

Please let me know if you find them to be useful or if you see any errors.

I have not discovered how to enter audio yet.

Good Luck

First 25 Chinese Hanzi Radicals - David K
勹          bāo    wrap
卜          bǔ      divination
          xǐ        hiding enclosure
儿          ér       legs
          bā      eight
一          yī        one
亠          tóu     lid
十          shí      ten
丿          piě      slash
          bǐ        ladle
          jī, jǐ     small table
冂          jiǒng  down box
匚          fāng    right open box
入          rù         enter
人          rén       person
二          èr          2
力          lì            power
丶          diǎn     dot
乙          yǐ           second
凵          fāng     open box
丨          shù       line
亅          gōu       hook
          bīng      ice

If people find this to be useful I may enter the Most Common 225 Radicals and the PRC 's Ministry of Language's list of The First 300 Mandarin Words Every Student Should Learn.  Perhaps these ought to be pre-requisite for our course here. I am finding them to be very helpful.

I just created a Custom Flashcard set of the First 25 Chinese Radicals, and another for Basic Strokes.

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