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Forum Rocket Arabic Conversation in Arabic Mashy, ba2alak ad eih betdress 3arabi?

Mashy, ba2alak ad eih betdress 3arabi?


Mashy, ba2alak ad eih betdress 3arabi?

Can someone explain "ad eih" and what is Ba2alak v's one of the first conversations yet it isn't explained at all....


Hi Candice-W,

Ba2alak ad eih بقالك أد إيه :

  - The expression "ba2alak ad eih...?" means: "How long have you been....?" بقالك أد إيه
  - the verb "betdress" means: "Study" بتدرس

  - Sometimes the expression "a'd eih?" comes individually which means "How much?" or "How many?". For example:

  - Bet7ebeny ad eih? = How much do you love me?
    بتحبني أد إيه؟

  - 3andak kotob ad eih? = How many books do you have?
    عندك كتب أد إيه؟

Best regards!


thank you for this post!

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