Est-ce que and Pouvez


I'm confused as to why the words Est-ce que & Pouvez would be in the same sentence. i.e Est-ce que vous pouvez parler un peu plus lentement? It seems to translate to Can you can speak a little more slowly. I've just started this program, so maybe I'll answer my own question in time. J'adore apprendre le Francais! Merci Julia


The est-ce que is the question part of the sentence and without it this is a statement. An alternative would be to say "Pouvez-vous parler un peu plus lentement?" est-ce que translates literally to "is it that?" Alternatively the tone of voice will also indicate whether it is a question or a statement. I am re-learning French after many years of not using it and also love it!


Est-ce que always indicates that a question is being asked and is a little more formal way of doing it. When you're first learning French it also becomes easier to recognize something as a question. In general it's only really required if you are asking a "what" question, in that case Qu'est-ce que ... As Carol said, you can change it into a question by dropping the est-ce que and raising the pitch of your voice on the last word, in this case lentement. So you could actually just say, "Vous pouvez parler un peu plus letement?" and it would be understood the same way as if you had included the est-ce que.


i want to read some french children story books with english translation.besides that i want to increas my listning power. i think you help me.


Thank you so much for your answers. This forum is a great feature of this language program! Julia


You're welcome and I agree it is a good feature to be able to interact with others. I would like to see these forums a lot more active.


ok lets go for it! I cannot remember the personal pronouns and the use of le for he and la for she? Also when do you use tu or te or toi? Is there a lesson that specialises in these? Ihave started to come across them in the first few lessons and cannot remember when to use them?


mmm... i think tu, te and toi all means the same :"you" ...i think they are in different tenses :/ ..though i m not sure when to use it! someone please help!!!


Bonjour Carol, Tu is a personal pronoun that means you and is used in a sentence such as Tu parles français - You speak French. Te is a reflexive pronoun which also means you and is used to show who the action is being done to. For example: Je te donne mon gâteau - I am giving you my cake. Toi also means you and is often used for emphasis among other uses. For example: You there, what are you doing? - Toi là, que fais-tu? I hope this helps! - Marie-Claire


Hi Claire I want to read and listen children french stories with english subtitles.Hope you will help me to learn more.Also the audio children stories.Hope for a kind respond from your end. Geeta


I was born French, but this is so knew to me.


I love my picture. I am also re-learning French after many many years. Is there a section on verbs, I forget all of them and the tense also.


I would also like to know if you have a section on verbs, and their tenses...I like my picture too:)


i want to know more about etre and avoir.please help me


Est-ce que adds to a statement makes the statement into a question without using inversion. For me at times it is easier than using inversion to ask question. I just learnt recently from that est-ce que is actually the inversion of 'c'est que' !!! I find it most interesting. So, ' est-ce que vous pouvez m'aider?' would be literally translated as 'Is it that you can help me ? ' in a way, c'est que is inverted to become a question. Sorry for this involuted answer.


Hi Geeta D, you can search YouTube for songs and video clips with English subtitles. Piyah




Thanks Marie-Claire for a great description of different "you". I'm sure as I learn French more, I will remember your post every time I come across these variations! Mohsen

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