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Can these series of french lessons be enough to pass french proficiency tests or DELF exam? Is anyone from this Rocket French Community able to pass the DELF exam with the help of this online course? I am a novice and it is really required to learn such language in order for me to easily adapt the Quebec culture. Merci.


Hi, although I'm still in the 1st of the the 3 levels of RF, I have been rated a B1/B2 speaker (online tests and a french tutor), and my intent is to get to the C1 level for professional reasons. So, I have similar goals. But, I've tried the Alliance Francaise here in Paris 3 different times, at the A1, A2, and B1 level, all for 4 weeks+, and the AF is a place many go to for learning enough to pass the DELF. My appraisal is that Rocket French is the better way to learn, when supplemented with reading and listening to french shows, because of its consistency, its careful control of graded complexity, its reliability (you can do it over and over and get the same input). I found that in the classes I was learning the other non-native speakers accents and errors and that I was often not engaged. I definitely think that RF has enough capability to get you through your DELF.


Hi Danica, since its been 2 years for this post so have you been able to take up the delf exams?


Hi Everybody,

This seems to be the best thread for discussing the DELF. I will try to help with any questions. I'm trying to decide between the B1 and the B2. Having almost finished this book it lists B1 (you can see on the back cover of the book). However, when I took the sample exam for the B1, it was nearly perfect (comfort of my own home, but on a timer, etc.)

So, tonight I'm going to take a practice of the B2 oral (just one part of the exam) and see how well I do and how much I have to prepare.

I am using the materials here. (mp3 and pdfs)

The PDF links are in blue at the left (i.e. DELF B2) has two oral parts. The B2 exam is a little longer than the B1 giving you more time for the reading and writing portions. You can compare the two tests yourself and see where you are after getting through Rocket French level 1.

I can post more about how the process goes, what it costs, how to register and all of that as I figure it out. For now, take advantage of the materials and feel free to post anything you think would be helpful. I don't really have a good reason to take these exams, so I lack a little motivation, but I'll give it a try. Maybe it will open up an opportunity somewhere that I hadn't imagined. Honestly I should be programming a Raspberry Pi and learning how to write distributed software rather than learning French, but a little break is a good idea also, eh?  You can help keep me motivated by posting questions to this thread.

Thank you,


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